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Does Your Suit Fit Correctly? 5 Points to Fashion Perfection

You’ve purchased a men’s suit. The perfect shade of navy blue. Hand-stitched details. Five-button waistcoat. You imagine the looks you’ll get when you walk into the office. The heads you’ll turn as you stroll down the street. You’re already planning in your head what shirts you want to pair with it and what tie colours you’ll use.

  • Steal Their Style: Six of the Best-Dressed Footballers

    While they may be covered in dirt and sometimes blood on the pitch, footballers all over the world are making fewer and fewer mistakes when it comes to style. In fact, many of them are actually becoming style icons. Consider David Beckham, for instance. While most of us would love to erase the nineties from our minds, the denim and frosted tips of yesteryear are no more. Beckham is now one of the best dressed men in the world.

  • Style 101: How and When to Wear a Waistcoat

    If there’s one piece of menswear that doesn’t get talked about enough, it’s the waistcoat. While it may not be the piece you reach for on a daily basis, it probably should be. Once mastered, the waistcoat can create an entirely new dimension to your appearance. It transcends dress codes and lets you experiment with layers in a simple, but effective way. If you don’t have a waistcoat in your wardrobe, you’re missing out on perhaps the best looks.

  • Want to Spice up Your Look? 10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Bold Summer Colours

    When you first begin really thinking about your style, knowing what to wear and when to wear it can be hard. That’s one of the reasons there are so many rules of fashion available for men to follow. These rules make looking good easier for men.

  • Steal His Style: Luke Evans

    While there may be no man in town as admired as Gaston, the Welsh actor that plays him in the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is nothing to sneeze at. Luke Evans, born in Pontypool and raised in Aberbargoed, has come a long way since his birth on 15, April 1979. While his career started slow, with fringe shows and West End productions, at the age of thirty, he landed his first film role, and the rest has been history.