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Are You Sending the 8 Psychological Signs of a Confident Man?

By Brook Taverner 28 February 2017

Confidence is something we all struggle with from time to time. We hear those whispers of self-doubt and begin to doubt ourselves because of it. Building up our own self-confidence is a critical part of being successful in the workplace, however. That old saying, “You’ve got to fake it ‘til you make it.’ Isn’t just something successful people throw around. It’s been proven as sound professional advice.

  • The TV Villain You Love to Hate: Stealing Jim Moriarty's Style

    By Brook Taverner 21 February 2017

    If ever there were two words that could make you both anxious and excited, they would have to be: “Miss me?” As soon as he appeared in BBC’s modern adaptation of the classic Sherlock stories, the country, and perhaps the world, fell in love with this villain. He was crazy, charismatic and utterly dapper. You couldn’t help but enjoy his insane banter with the hero of the story and wonder exactly when he was going to show up again.

  • Sunday Lunches: What to Wear, Etiquette Tips and More

    By Brook Taverner 14 February 2017 No comments

    There are some traditions every man and woman should take part in, and one of the oldest and best is the Sunday roast. Sure, every pub and restaurant throughout the country will offer a roast dinner on Sunday.

  • Is Exercise a Big Part of Your New Year? Six Benefits That May Surprise You

    By Brook Taverner 23 January 2017

    The new year has begun, and for many of us, getting in shape is a resolution we’re determined to keep. It may not be easy to fit a workout into your already busy schedule, however. 

  • Steal His Style: James Norton

    By Brook Taverner 16 January 2017

    While many of us think of models and the elite as our style icons, throughout the years, television and film actors have made a sartorial name for themselves both on screen and off.