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Steal His Style: Benedict Cumberbatch

He played the brilliant, but disturbed Sherlock, the wrathful villain Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, the voice of Smaug the dragon in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Doctor Strange. He’s even reviving his character, Doctor Stephen Strange, in Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. Some people even believed he might be the 13th Doctor on Doctor Who. As we all know now, though, that honour has gone to Jodie Whitaker as the first female Doctor.

Cumberbatch, who just turned 41 on 19, July, has been a star on the big and small screen. He’s often been chased by persistent paparazzo looking to photograph him. A few times, he’s held up hastily-fashioned signs with provocative questions or statements to draw their attention elsewhere, to, in his words, something important.

We love his films. We love his shows. We love his stance on many different aspects of the world. We love his looks. Most of all, though, we love his style.

Steal His Style: Benedict Cumberbatch

Again and again, Benedict has impressed us with his style. He doesn’t rely on gimmicks or novelty to make his look work. He uses classic pieces that simply shine. If you’re looking to follow in his footsteps and dress like this star, here are just a few things you can learn from him.

Change the Shade

Eager to try wearing the same colours with every piece of your outfit? Benedict has does this a few times and looks fabulous doing it. The secret to his success is the way you changes the shade of the colour with each layer. If he’s wearing all blue, for instance, he begins with a light blue suit and progresses out to a darker blue suit. If there are accessories, such as a scarf or pocket kerchief after you use don your men’s suit or blazer, choose an even darker shade of the hue.

Don’t be Afraid of the Bow Tie

Bow ties can look brilliant with a formal suit or tux. In fact, they can set you apart from the sea of ‘regular ties’ at formal events. If you’re worried you’ll tie it incorrectly, consider buying a ready tied bow tie instead. Brook Taverner offers this option and in several colours including black, pink and wine.

There are a few tricks to wearing a bow tie as well:

  • Wear it sparingly, like at special events
  • Pair it with a solid-coloured suit and shirt (the bow tie is the attention-getter)
  • You’ll see more of the shirt with a bow tie, so make sure it looks good (no stains or wrinkles)
  • Choose navy, grey or black suits to pair your bow tie with

Wear Men’s Suits That Fit Your Body Type

Benedict has said in several interviews that his best feature is his face, which, according to the actor, is a cross between something others find somewhat attractive and an otter. The rest of his body is slim and appealing as well, according to many of his fans. To accent these features, Cumberbatch uses slim, tailor-fit men’s suits. With the right suit, your eye is quickly drawn to his strong shoulders and broad chest. The slim style helps him stand tall, visually increasing his height and giving him a calm, confident look.

Dress for the Event

Benedict knows that if you’re attending a red-carpet event, black tie attire is necessary. However, if you’re attending the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, you have to lighten things up a bit.

The star did this in 2015 with a plain white dress shirt, light blue suit and contrasting green tie. One another day during the same championships, he turned the look around with a teal suit and a contrasting blue shirt and tie.

Meeting the Queen

Not everyone gets to meet the Queen. However, if you’re ever offered a chance, do it in style like Benedict Cumberbatch. (Note: Like Benedict, definitely not like Sherlock.) In November 2015, the actor received a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for his services to charity and the performing arts. To receive the award, Benedict went all out, wearing a gorgeous morning suit, dark cufflinks and a silver tie.

So, consider keeping a morning suit in your clothing cupboard. Just in case the Queen stops by.

Find an Accessory You Like- And Don’t be Ashamed to Wear It.

For Cumberbatch, it’s his trademark scarf. You see some form of it on the street, at musical festivals and even on the red carpet. If you have an accessory you enjoy, work it into your outfit. Make it your “thing.” Be like Benedict and don’t let anyone tell you what to wear or when you can wear it.

Go for The Cuffs

If you’ve seen a few of Cumberbatch’s photos, you might notice that he has a tendency to reach for his cuffs when he’s being photographed. If this is done too much, it can make you look a little OCD. However, it can also make you look incredibly suave as your picture is being taken.

Don’t Rely on One Suit

While you probably don’t have as many red carpet appearances as Benedict does, that doesn’t mean you should settle for one suit in your wardrobe, especially if you wear suits for a living. The average man who wears suits to the office needs approximately 3 to 5 suits, minimum. This lets you rotate the suits so they can air out in-between uses. More suits are completely okay too. Actually, the more suits you have, the longer those men’s suits can stay out of the rotation. As long as you maintain them properly, this should mean the suit will last longer and look better.

Make sure you have navy, grey and black suits first, then opt for other colours and styles after.

Love Benedict Cumberbatch? Follow these steps to look more like this TV and film style icon. The right suit and these tips can help you feel more confident in yourself, whether you’re heading into the office, attending a formal event or just going on a first date.

By Brook Taverner 7 August 2017