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Tired of the Same Old Briefcase? 4 Unconventional Bags for the Office

Carrying your most important items from one point to another is often an adventure, especially when you have just a regular briefcase to rely on. This sharp, timeless and classic staple is perfect for essential documents and laptops for work, but it’s not exactly large enough to carry other items you might need. For instance, what about the clothes you plan on changing into when you get to the gym after work? What about the supplies you need to take with you on a quick weekend trip to the main office in another city?

While briefcases definitely have their place in the business world, other unconventional bags are being seen in offices around the country. Are you ready to jump on board with a new bag? Here are the four most brilliant types to choose from.

Harris Tweed Wash Bag

A mix of leather and real Harris Tweed, this stunning Harris Tweed wash bag will make the biggest impression in your office, whether it’s filled with travel clothes and supplies or that pile of files you reviewed last night for today’s meeting. With expert construction and a practical, yet meticulous design, you’ll fall in love with every detail.

The bag features a Harris Tweed label, indicating that the tweed is really from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and handwoven by islanders there. It also has a leather handle and one inside zip pocket for small items like your passport, ID or extra cash. A large interior and two outside pockets provide plenty of room for storage.

Leather Satchel

Arrive at the office in style each morning with a classic fit suit and a leather satchel. With a slightly larger interior space than a traditional briefcase, the leather satchel provides room for files, papers, laptops, tablets and more. The shiny and supple leather exterior oozes style and perfection, while the metal flap fasteners securely keep all your items in place.

This unconventional bag features adjustable hand strap, a leather flap and a 15-inch laptop pocket. For more storage, there are three interior pockets. One is zipped, giving you a secure place to store your most sensitive items.

Harris Tweed Satchel

With a slightly different look than the leather satchel, this bag features both leather and Harris Tweed materials. The Harris Tweed Satchel works as hard as you do, providing the space for documents and files for the workday, as well as room for laptops and accessories that will help fulfil your needs throughout the day. One outside pocket and two inside provide extra storage as well.

What makes this bag stand out from anything you’ve ever seen or used is its construction. Practical, yet incredibly stylish, the satchel works with casual, yet warm, tweed jackets while also providing an exciting look against men’s suits.

Carrying the bag is simple thanks to the hand straps at the top and a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap frees your hands for other uses, such as carrying a cup of coffee or shaking hands.

Harris Tweed Wallet

If your job doesn’t require the use of a briefcase or large bag, why not choose something a little bit smaller for carrying you money, bank cards and more? The Harris Tweed Wallet does this in style, whether you’re wearing a business casual men’s suit or a smart pair of chinos with a tweed jacket or blazer. Featuring eight card pockets and one note pocket, this wallet is big enough for all of the essentials, including:

  • ID
  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Business cards
  • Reward cards

Meticulously designed with a beautiful Harris Tweed and leather exterior and a leather interior, it’s the wallet you didn’t know you needed to own.

What About Travel?

Once you decide on the type of bag you want for the office, you’ll need to consider the bag you’ll use for outside of the office when you’re travelling. There are several options to choose from. You just have to pick the one right for you.

First of all, let's decide what your'e taking with you. In most cases, a typical weekend business trip will require:

  • A suit
  • Dress shoes
  • Accessories, such as ties and watches
  • A smart casual ensemble that includes a blazer, a couple of dress shirts, knit sweater and two pairs of chinos
  • Underpants
  • Shaving kit
  • Laptop or tablet
  • Small items like passport, ID, credit cards and cash

If you have the money, but want to save space, buy your toiletries when you get to wherever you are. Some hotels also provide toiletries for free. Another rule of thumb- don’t pack your suit. Unless you have a garment bag, it’s likely going to become wrinkled. Instead, wear it on the trip.

For a weekend trip like this, your best bet is to find a bag small enough that it’s easy to carry. If you’re flying, you’ll also want it small enough that it works as a carry-on and you can avoid additional fees. The best options are holdalls, or small suitcases that hold a lot. If what you’re packing is going to be too heavy, search for options that have extended handles or even wheels that will make moving around fun.

If you aren’t traveling for long and can wear your suit, saving you space in your bag, consider placing the rest of your items in a leather satchel. While it doesn’t provide as much space as a suitcase or holdall, it is roomy enough to carry several different items, including laptops, carefully folded shirts, ties and underpants. Most feature small pockets and zippered pockets that keep your wallet nearby as well as you passport and business cards.

Consider an Unconventional Bag For Your Office or Travel

The briefcase may be a classic and well-known office bag to use, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the only one. In fact, there are several options you can choose when it comes to carrying your things to the office every day. There are also several bags available for business travel, whether it’s for a weekend or longer.

By Brook Taverner 30 August 2017