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Signature Navy Stripe Double Cuff Tailored Fit Shirt

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Dear Brook Taverner,
I notice that a lot of the newer shirts all have a fixed sleeve length of 35". I'm sure that this is convenient from the supplier, but as a man with longer arms, I can't buy any of these nice shirts, as the sleeve length is too short. I would gladly pay an extra few £'s to have the option to order the shirts with a longer sleeve length. ie 36.5" or 37.
Please can you order shirts with a longer sleeve length?
Question by: Mr Michael Davis on 1 Sep 2017
We do have a small selection of formal shirts with longer sleeve length of 36.5", and you can view these shirts by selecting this sleeve length under the subheading of 'Formal Shirts' on our website.
Answer by: Brook Taverner on 1 Sep 2017

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