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10 Time-Saving Style Hacks You Never Knew

From the moment our distant ancestors created the wheel, each and every one of us has pondered the question:

How can I make this easier?

We’ve gone from horse-drawn buggies to cars. From open flames to stove tops. From silent films to 3D. Over the last century, our innovation has led to wondrous discoveries and a little more time in our schedules. Those one-of-a-kind hacks have turned into every-day reality- why should your wardrobe be any different?

There are plenty of ways to save time when it comes to getting dressed and keeping your clothing looks its best, whether you’re heading into work on a stressful Monday morning or preparing for a first date. Here are a few style hacks that will make your life easier.


Use Your Fist to Get the Fit Right

Whether you’re wearing a stylish blue blazer or a handsome and rugged tweed jacket, you know that fit is the key to looking your best. One of the quickest ways to tell if the jacket fits properly is to make a fist and place it between the jacket and your stomach. Your fist should fit easily; the fabric around it shouldn’t be too snug or too loose. If you find the fit isn’t right, get the jacket to your tailor before you wear it.


Tie it in the Evening

If you have trouble finding the time to get the perfect knot in the morning, take the time to tie your tie’s knot the night before. Leave it loose enough that you can slip it over your head in the morning after you don your suit, tighten it up and head out the door.

Keep in mind that this hack should only be done in the short term. Leaving a tie knotted for long, especially if it’s left sitting in storage, can damage it quickly.


Pencils are Excellent Lubricants

Ah, the stuck zipper. This issue typically happens right before big corporate meetings, a sit-down with your would-be in-laws or when you’re late for an appointment. You don’t have to worry, though, as long as you have a pencil handy. The graphite in pencils acts as a lubricant when you rub it against the teeth of your zipper.


Ice Cubes for Wrinkles

There’s nothing better on a summer day than a glass of iced lemonade, but those ice cubes can be put to better use if you throw them in the dryer with your wrinkled clothing. First, make sure the suit, shirt or chinos you’re drying can be laundered safely and don’t have a tag that states, “dry clean only.” Then, toss a couple of ice cubes in with them in the dryer. The heat will release the moisture while the tumbling action will dry the clothing. The moisture from the ice cubes gets rid of the wrinkles easily.

Forgot to fill the ice trays? Wet a washcloth and toss it in with your clothes instead.

Cleaning With Bread

Your suede chukka boots complete every smart casual ensemble you own, so make sure you take care of them properly. If you notice they have become oily or stained, wipe them down with some stale bread crusts. It may sound odd, but the crusts work by soaking up the oils and stains. 

Cold Water From the Back

Coffee, whether hot or iced, is one of the reasons most of us wake up in the morning. Or at the least the reason most of us stay awake. However, it only takes a moment for “I’m ready for my second cup” to turn into “Now my shirt is ruined.” Don’t despair! Getting rid of that stain is as simple as three steps:

Blot the spot with a paper towel to get rid of as much liquid as possible

Turn on the faucet and run cold water on the spot- from the BACK of the shirt

Rub the spot gently on the front of the shirt until it disappears

If the stain still won’t come out mix some white vinegar and water together and apply it to the stain. Let it set for a couple of minutes, then rinse it out.


Tuck it In

Don’t you hate it when you tuck your shirt into your men’s suit trousers and end up with an unsightly puff around your waist? While you can certainly hide this puff with your suit jacket or a men’s tweed jacket, it’s not so easy when you’re wearing chinos and a nice dress shirt on a hot sunny day. The solution is simple, though. Before you tuck the shirt in, pinch and fold the excess fabric at the seams on the side of the shirt. Once tucked, the fabric stays in place.


Fold Inside Out

Going away on holiday or for a business trip? Make sure your blazer, tweed jacket or suit jacket arrives in style and without all the wrinkles. Before you pack it away, turn it inside out. You can then fold it and place it in your suitcase.


Get Rid of Undershirt Lines 

Many men wear white undershirts with white dress shirts and casual shirts. This seems like the right idea, but it actually isn’t. White absorbs light, so the undershirt will often be noticeable when you’re standing out in the sun or near a light fixture in a room, especially if the occasion doesn’t call for a jacket of any sort.

So, what’s the solution? The best way to get rid of those undershirt lines is to switch out your white undershirt for a grey one. While this is a darker colour, it won’t be seem through the white shirt and will create a cleaner look.


Do Away With Deodorant Streaks

We’ve all done it. You put on your deodorant, then slide on that black tee shirt or navy dress shirt, only to find that you weren’t as careful as you thought you were. Now there’s a noticeable streak on the inside of the shirt. Hopefully it’s contained to the armpit area. But in the case of a tee shirt, it may have decorated a long strip inside the shirt. Before you toss the clothing in the wash to avoid that inevitable stain, get a pair of socks instead.

A clean pair of cotton socks can work wonders on deodorant marks. Rub them against the smear and watch the streak disappear.

We all want to save time, even when it comes to our wardrobe. Use these simple hacks to make your everyday style easier.


By Brook Taverner 26 September 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments