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10 Ways to Tweak Your Morning Routine so You Always Look Your Best

When you first begin developing your own style, finding the right way to go about things might be a bit difficult for you. You probably read several style guides to help you understand what types of articles of clothing fit well together. You learned about colours, patterns and fit. You discovered which types of cologne, watches and even ties looked good on you. Now that you’ve been doing things for quite a while, you’ve settled into a comfortable routine that takes place every morning before you head out to work.

But is that routine comfortable, or is it boring? While you may be satisfied in your old ways, simply because they are easy to do, that doesn’t mean you should stick with them forever. Changing things up can change the way others look at you, the way you feel about yourself and even the way you feel in general.

It can be difficult to know where to start, however. The following tips are suggestions that can help you jumpstart your new look and change up your morning routine.


Look Your Best: Change up Your Morning Routine

  • Switch Your Cologne- You’ve got a signature scent you love, so why change it? You don’t necessarily have to. But, it can be good to do something different every once in a while. Switching to a different cologne every once in a while can help others see you in a different light. They won’t expect a new fragrance, and they may associate you with something entirely different than they did before. For best results, layer the scent with soaps and deodorants that match it.


  • Try a Facial Cleanser- Tired of splotchy, tired-looking skin? It may be time to change your shower routine. A quality facial cleanser can exfoliate your skin, giving you a clearer, brighter appearance in less than a month.


  • Start Exercising- Want to look good in men’s suits on a daily basis? Start exercising. Doing cardio each morning and adding in a few upper-body exercises like pushups can dramatically change the way your abs and biceps look. You’ll be surprised how quickly your silhouette changes when wearing a men’s suit or tweed jacket, and how quickly women will notice your new look. In addition to a fitter body, the endorphin rush of a good workout can also help you start your day out right.


  • Drink Some Coffee- Or even some black or green tea. These drinks are packed with antioxidants that help you look younger. There have also been studies that suggest the antioxidants in these teas and coffee can help reduce your chances of cancer and dementia. When you know you’re helping your body and mind become healthier, you’ll feel more confident and happy. This will show in how you dress and appear to others.


  • Pack Your Lunch- How many times have you scarfed down something at work full of calories and fat, simply because it was quick and easy to access? Start your morning routine a few minutes earlier and pack a lunch instead to keep your trouser waistline slimmer and your body happier. You don’t even need to do it every day. Just a few times a week can help reduce high cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce bloating. Make sure you pack heart-healthy and low-carb options for even better results.


  • Shave- It’s true that a lot of women like a little stubble, but when your facial hair takes over your entire face, they may have a problem thinking about kissing you. Take care of this situation by devoting just five minutes of your morning routine to grooming. Shave your face, or keep the stubble in check, for a masculine and clean-cut appearance. If you’re heading into the office on a daily basis, shaving, tweezing your eyebrows and even taking care of those nose hairs is beneficial as well. Even if you’re dressed in a nice men’s suit, these facial hair problems can be extremely distracting. By taking care of them, you may look better in their eyes.


  • Adjust Your Breakfast- Sure, that cup of coffee might be good for you, but it’s no replacement for a good, healthy breakfast. Begin your day with a breakfast full of slow-burning carbs and lean proteins designed to give you the energy you need to make to lunch. If you don’t have much time, blend together some protein powder, milk and fruit together for a smoothie.


  • Buy Some Eye Cream- Your tweed jackets and suits may make you look good, but your eyes make you look old. They are one of the first places on your body where you’ll first experience fine lines associated with ages. Moisturise these areas with the proper eye cream designed for men. Look for a product that has Vitamin A, or retinol, in it, which will reduce the appearance of future fine lines.


  • Use the Right Toothbrush- Your smile lights up a room, right? Well it should, and will, if you’re using the right toothbrush. Talk to your dentist and determine what type of toothbrush they would recommend for you based on your teeth and gums. Speak to them about the type of toothpaste you need as well.


  • Hang up Your Suits- In the bathroom, that is. While you do your best to keep your men’s suits wrinkle-free, the occasional wrinkle is bound to happen. To look your best, begin bringing your suits into the bathroom with you each time you take a shower. Hanging them up in the bathroom will allow the steam to reach them and smooth out some of the little wrinkles that may have occurred. You’ll look your best each and every morning this way.


Is your morning routine working for you? If you don’t think you’re looking your best or you’re just tired of the same boring and predictable routine you’ve had for years, consider changing things up with these ten tips. Every alteration to your morning routine you make can help improve how you feel about yourself and how others look at you.

By Brook Taverner 29 February 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments