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4 Jackets That Will Transform Your Wardrobe This Summer

Summer is nearly here, which means a few wardrobe changes are in order. It's time to lighten up the mood with our soft colours, and face the heat with our new airy fabrics.

We are going to share with you, the top four jackets for the upcoming warm months.

And don't forget to put those winter jackets away some place safe, you aren't going to be needing those for quite a while!

Perfect Jackets For Summer

1. Como Tailored Fit Check

This lightly coloured jacket is the  picture of summer. The combination of its linen/cotton fabric and check pattern makes it a vision of sophistication and class. The best part is, you won't be melting in the heat. Because of the light weight nature of linen and cotton, this jacket is breathable and light.

This brilliant jacket is perfect for attending a summer wedding, or taking a stroll through the park with a good friend. Versatility and complexity rarely go hand in hand, but the Como Tailored Fit Check Jacket is the exception.

2. Spinone Seersucker

Speaking of complexity...

The first thing onlookers will notice about your Spinone Seersucker Jacket is the lovely summer style. This jacket effortlessly pulls together a range of colours, without coming across as too loud or obnoxious.

If you know anything about Seesucker, you know that one should never brave the summer heat without a jacket made from it. This material is absolutely perfect for the warm weather, as it is quite light and very breathable.

Worried you won't know how to pull this look off? Pair your Seersucker jacket with a pair of navy chinos and a light blue polo for perfect style.

3. Thomas Jacket

Trying to achieve that cool, calm, and collected look this summer? Be neither too casual, nor too fancy in one of our Thomas Jackets. Also made from a cotton/linen fabric, these jackets come in a range of colours to suit any style.

We love these jackets because they're not only easy to wear and perfect for the heat of summer, but they are also easy to maintain, as they are machine washable!

Wear one of our Thomas Jackets for a day spent out and about, and you won't have to worry about overheating.

4. Summer Tweed

Are you a tweed lover? We are! We are always looking for an excuse to work tweed into any wardrobe, but with our Helsinki Summer Tweed Jacket we didn't need one! The cool green colour of this jacket makes it absolutely perfect for the warmer months, as it mirrors the freshness of lush greenery that's finally resurfacing after winter.

The Helsinki Tweed Jacket is a great choice when attending anything from work, to an event.

Are you as ready for summer as we are? Be prepared with these perfect summer jacket choices. We also offer a number of men's suits, crafted with the heat in mind. Wearing a suit doesn't have to mean sweating. Keep cool in our men's suits and men's jackets.               

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