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5 Brilliant First Date Ideas for London in Winter

With winter finally here, there’s no more romantic setting than cosying up to the one you love in front of a roaring fire, a glass of red in your hand and the smile of a beautiful woman to keep you enthralled for hours. Unfortunately, these types of romantic dates don’t just happen. You’ve got to put in a bit of legwork before you can reach this stage and embrace the love story you always knew you’d have.

Thankfully, London makes sweeping the woman of your dreams off her feet incredibly easy. Even if you don’t normally project a ‘just stepped out of a classic romance film’ vibe, there are plenty of things you can do to start a relationship that will leave her breathless with weak knees. The key to this is planning and the right attire. With a bit of forethought and the right men’s suits, you’ll be on your way to a date in front in that roaring fire before you know it.

Ice Skating

This time of year, there’s no better venue for a romantic first date in London than the Natural History Museum. Here you’ll find an ice rink decorated with more than 70,000 fairy lights, a carousel and a café-bar. This setting provides you with an ideal way to get to know your date and have a little fun at the same time. 

Before the date, brush up a little on your skating technique. A few falls lend to a hilarious time, but you want to be able to enjoy yourself and relax as well. If you’ve already mastered the art of ice skating, you’ll have nothing to worry about but holding her hand under the night sky and staring into her picture-perfect eyes.


After spending a little bit of time on the ice, head over to the café-bar for a bit of mulled wine or hot chocolate to warm up. Take this time to get to know her a little better. Ask questions about her and be open and honest with your answers to her questions as well.

Ice skating is more of a casual date, so this isn’t the time to break out your best suits. Instead, focus on a dressy, but casual appearance with a tweed jacket and chino combination or a jeans and blazer option. Being well-dressed not only helps you make a good first impression, but can also come in handy if the two of you decide to extend the date and head to another establishment nearby for drinks or a bit of dinner.

The Ballet or Opera

The purpose of a first date is to get to know one another, but you also want to do everything possible to woo her and ensure a second date. You aren’t going to do this by visiting an establishment where the maitre d’ knows your first name or you have your own private table. This simply shows her that she’s just another in a long list of women you’ve dated. You want this night to be special, so make it special by taking her to a romantic location like The London Coliseum. It’s hard to go wrong with the ballet or opera.

Start the evening out with a glass of champagne and dinner at a nice restaurant, then embrace a dose of culture at the Coliseum. While many people these days take a casual approach to these types of events, embrace the uniqueness of this night by wearing a fitted suit.

Dinner and a Movie

While the latest Hugh Grant Rom-Com may not start out with dinner and movie, it’s a classic that’s a classic for a reason. However, you don’t have to do the same old song and dance. There are plenty of stunningly brilliant options in London that don’t include the local Vue or Pizza Express. On this first date, wow her with a fabulous London restaurant like Hoxley & Porter, where you both can enjoy amazing cocktails and fine food.

After dinner, take her to a The Screen On The Green, an old-timey cinema built in 1913. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a film in comfortable seating and a lively bar. The setting is casual, so opt for a nice blazer or a men’s tweed jacket.

South Kensington

This area has it all, so if you’re looking for multiple things to do on a first date, South Kensington will give it to you, no matter what the weather. Start out with cake and coffee at the V&A café. Spend this time breaking the ice and getting to know one another. Ask her about her passions, her likes and her dislikes. This information may help you determine what step to take next in the date.

Once you’ve finished off your cake, consider the many different options available to you. If you’ve planned well, and you should have, you’ll have taken the time to determine what shows and galleries are available at this time, like the Science Museum’s Cosmonauts or the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the year Show.

If things are going well, enjoy dinner and a bit of conversation at the Queen’s Arms or Anglesea arms.

Winter Showcase

Fancy a first date in South Bank? Located along the Thames, this area offers plenty to do and see. It’s also the ideal option for the more budget-conscious. Depending on the day, there are a variety of free performances to see at the Winter Showcase. You can enjoy poetry collectives, dance troupes and choir performances here, all of which are sure to win her smile.

After a free show, spend a few pounds wining and dining her at one of the area’s many restaurants, then perhaps enjoy the Royal Festival Hall’s the Lights are Shining exhibition. As the sun goes down, board the Thames Clipper and stand hand-in-hand as you view the twinkling lights and festively decorated areas of London from the water.


This type of date can be both casual and formal, depending on where you choose to go. Plan ahead and wear the appropriate attire. As you both admire the lights from the Clipper, be sure to do the gentlemanly thing and offer her your jacket.

Looking for a great first date in London? Start your love story out right with these excellent ideas.

By Brook Taverner 14 November 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments