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5 Essential Fashion Choices for Fall 2014

Everywhere you look, it's easy to see that summer in the UK is officially over. All you have to do is look at what people are wearing. Socks are back, keeping our feet warm and cosy. Shorts have been replaced with extra layers that serve as protection against the now lower temperatures. It makes you think; while you may not yet be ready to embrace the autumn and winter to come, the transition to these seasons is here, and you need to dress the part. It's too wet outside for a shirt and jeans, but a winter coat is simply too much.

Luckily, we can help. We know exactly what you should be wearing for fall 2014, and we can help you choose the appropriate transitional pieces that will make it easy to withstand the fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable rains.

Roll Necks

Roll necks are 'in' this season, and for good reason. They can be classy, while still offering a look of pure masculine ruggedness. You can easily wear them with a cardigan on the weekend, or for a smart look during the work week, with a tweed jacket and chinos.

Choosing the right roll neck depends greatly on the look you want to achieve. A fine gauge version made out of cashmere, merino wool, or cotton will fit well into a smart ensemble and can even be dressed up with slim-cut men's suits.

Chunkier options, on the other hand, are more casual and can be used as standalone statement items of clothing. They are also thicker, which can make them cosier and more practical when it gets cold outside.


Boots- One of the most important elements of any ensemble is your footwear, especially with fall approaching. Rain will be a constant menace as autumn begins, and providing your feet with the right kind of protection is essential. This means investing in the right pair of boots.

It's important when you purchase boots to not only think about what you'll wear this season, but many seasons to come. Buy the right pair, and treat them properly, they will last you for years. Here are a few guidelines you should follow whenever purchasing boots.


  • Buy boots that are large enough that your thicker winter socks will be comfortable to wear. If a boot is too tight, thick socks won't help the situation.
  • Check your priorities. You want books that are made with high quality materials, have thicker tread, and are made with the finest of craftsmanship. Don't settle for less.
  • Be careful about taking the streamlined approach. Going too slim and choosing boots that are flimsy or too skinny can actually hurt you in the long run because they won't protect your feet properly. Make a practical choice first, a stylish one second.
  • Remember that you get what you pay for. Paying an exuberant amount of money for a top fashion brand may make it seem like you're getting what you want, but many of these icons simply consider style over practicality. In other words, they want  you to look good, but don't make an effort to ensure you feel good at the same time. Invest in quality boots, like those from Brook Taverner, which will be both stylish and practical and be put to good use for years to come.


Once you've chosen your boots, dress with up with masculine staples like men's tweed jackets, texture trousers, and raw denim jeans.


Waterproof Coat- We've already established that the forecast calls for rain, so why not be prepared for it? Nothing ruins your look faster than walking into work with a soaked suit and a see-through white shirt. A waterproof coat serves as a line of defence against the weather and keep your men's suits and other apparel safe and dry.

Orange- This season, you don't have to think of everything you wear in a practical way. There is plenty of room for style when you're choosing your wardrobe in the morning. With that being said, this autumn, the colour to wear is orange.


If you're not one to embrace a lot of bold colours in your wardrobe, don't worry. There isn't a particular shade of orange that is standing out this year, but it is on trend. This means you can easily add as much or as little of the colour into your ensembles as you like.

Looking to keep things refined and subtle? Choose burnt orange. It can be combined with charcoal or navy tweed jacket for stunning autumnal looks that will accent your unique style without sacrificing your professional look around the office.

 Outside the workplace, brighter shade of orange can easily fit into your casual wardrobe and help fight off those drab, dreary, and rainy days. If you're worried about the colour being too overwhelming for your personal taste, go small with a tie or other accessory.


A Gilet- Looking for the perfect layering piece for your transitional wardrobe into fall? Don't forget about the gilet. Choose a tweed gilet over the top of a jacket or knitwear for extra insulation against the temperatures this season. Avoid the puffa styles of old, though; these are not only out of fashion, but they are much too bulky.

When choosing a gilet, think of it as you would a waistcoat. The cut should be slim throughout the body, but the armholes should be high. This will ensure that your silhouette is sharp and streamlined.

Want to look your best this fall,but aren't sure what you should be wearing? With summer over, your clothing options have indeed changed, but that isn't a bad thing. Now is the time to introduce layers to your wardrobe, richer, bolder colours, and new, exciting garments into your everyday look.

Keep in mind, however, that many of the choices you make this season should be practical first. That doesn't mean they can't be stylish, though. With the right tips, you can create an exceptional wardrobe that will wow others as you walk down the street while keeping you warm and dry in our unpredictable weather.

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