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The late Duke of Windsor was a famous man, known for many things, including giving up the throne for the woman he loved. While he wasn’t particularly handsome and was characterised as being a bit short, he and his wife were celebrities in their day, and two of the most photographed people in the world.


Because the Duke was so often in the public eye, it should come as no shock that he knew how to dress well. His reputation and his name depended on it. While his passing is still mourned, he left behind five key ideas that can not only ensure you dress your best every day, but guarantee your style.


Lessons From the Duke


  • Be a Man- When it comes to choosing clothing, don’t rely heavily on other’s opinions. Be your own man; be brave, and don’t be afraid to experiment to find that perfect style. While the Duke was Prince of Wales, his father often chastised him for wearing brown dress shoes with his navy suits. However, others began to see the style and emulate it until it became a normal choice of style.


  • Buy the Classics- Be daring, but don’t forget where everything starts: the classics. Choose tweed jackets and men’s suits that will not only look good today, but will still be ‘in style’ ten years from now. Avoid trends at all costs; instead, choose daring pieces to go with these classic ones to alter the unique style of every ensemble you wear.


  • Choose Quality- The Duke was never seen in cheap-looking men’s suits or jackets. He invested in high quality clothing that could be worn for years. While he may have had more money to work with than you do, that doesn’t mean you have to settle. High quality doesn’t always mean high price, and a label and an expensive price tag doesn’t guarantee the best clothing.


  • Accessorise- Many men think that accessories are for women, but they are necessary for men’s wardrobes as well. The Duke took this idea seriously, investing in several cufflinks with his initials on them and multi-coloured ties and socks. Some accessories you can take advantage to update and heighten your style are ties, pocket squares, braces, cufflinks, and watches. Play with patterns and colours as well for an interesting look.


  • Take Care- Most of us don’t have a personal valet that travels with us and takes care of our clothing every evening when we go to sleep like the Duke of Windsor did. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn how to take care of our men’s tweed jackets, suits, and ties ourselves. Learning how to wash, iron, dry, and hang these items of clothing and accessories will lengthen their life span and allow us to wear them for years to come.


Are you ready to take your wardrobe seriously? Take a few tips from the Duke of Windsor. You never know, some day they may be talking about your style.

By Brook Taverner 2 October 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments