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5 Tailoring Secrets That Will Help You Look Thinner

November has finally arrived and colder weather is here to stay for the next few months. This means hot cocoa, nights by a roaring fire and plenty of layers. Unfortunately, this is also the season of family gatherings complete with mega meals and sinfully-delectable sweets that could leave your trousers pushing for a bit more room.

While losing those holiday pounds is what the New Year is all about, looking slim and making sure your self confidence is high is something you can’t do without during the next month or so. So, what do you do? Aside from starting your New Year’s resolution early, there are also a few tailoring tricks and secrets that can help you look thinner right now.

Keep it Fit

Larger men have a tendency to try to hide their extra weight with larger clothing. While you may be able to conceal your unwanted figure under a larger sized suit, you also expand your silhouette in the process. The result? You look even bigger than you actually are. Going for a skin-tight look isn’t advisable either; this just accents all the areas you’re worried about.

The trick is to get the right fit. When it comes to shirts and tweed jackets, find a tailor that will help you make them snug in shoulder, but also come in a bit at the waist. This will help given the illusion of a longer torso. Men’s suit trousers should be worn high; wear braces with them to keep them in place. Wearing the trousers at your waist makes it look like there’s no break between your torso and legs; breaking up these body parts as normal can make you appear larger. Make your legs appear longer and thinner with flat fronts or a single pleat. Have your trousers tapered from your thigh to the ankle as well, which can help your legs look thinner too.


Wearing jeans with that tweed jacket and knit sweater? Go for darker options with a plain wash. This helps hide imperfections and provides a more flattering style. Make sure the jeans sit right on your hips as well and have a straight cut.

No matter what type of trouser you’re wearing, always be sure the hem falls right at the top of your shoes. If the hem exceeds this area, you’ll look larger than you actually are. If it falls short, you’ll look wide and stocky instead of tall and slender.

Avoid Large Patterns

Walking around in a monochrome ensemble may feel a little boring to you, but it can definitely help you look thinner. Large patterns and prints draw attention to your body and can actually make you look larger than you are. If you feel the need to wear a pattern, do so responsibly. If you choose a large pattern, make sure it’s a discreet one that doesn’t make your wardrobe stand out.

There’s also something to be said for vertical stripes. As many men over the years have found, the vertical stripe is the one pattern that can not only give you a little leeway into your personal style, but also make you appear thinner. The stripes draw the eye up and down, instead of around. This, depending on where the stripes are, makes your torso or legs appear longer and thinner.

Distract the Eye

Ask any magician or illusionist what the secret to his success is, and he’ll tell you that it’s the ability to distract. It’s all about drawing the eye away with one hand while the other takes care of the illusion. This can work in a similar way with your clothing. Choose options like V-neck sweaters to wear under your men’s tweed jackets. Be careful about which ones you choose; they should be subtle in their plunge and be solid in colour. The neckline not only helps your torso appear longer and thinner, but helps draw the eye away from your midsection.

When choosing a V-neck sweater or t-shirt, be careful about the weight of the fabric, the fit and where they fall on your body. The shirt should end right at your hips or waist and be snug, but not too snug on your entire frame. Thick fabrics should be avoided, as they give the illusion of extra weight that you don’t need. Instead, opt for silk, cashmere or light wool blends.

One and Two Button Jackets

First, if you’re not a man who wears a suit, consider starting. Tailors work wonders with men’s suits, especially when it comes to giving men the illusion of a thinner frame. When choosing your suits, always opt for one- or two-button jackets. When buttoned, these types of jackets show off more of your dress shirt underneath. This can help you appear as if you have a longer torso and give the illusion of a lower weight.

Go Dark

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it still holds up today. Black really does make you look slimmer. In fact, many believe it can help you appear up to 10 pounds lighter. This hue, which goes with almost anything, works well whether you’re wearing jeans around the house or a suit for a charity event.

Not into black? That’s okay. Other darker hues, like navy blue, can result in the same slim appearance. The trick is to use this colour for the majority, if not all, of your ensemble. Consider different shades, though dark, of the same colour to break up the outfit without drawing attention to problem areas.


No matter what, avoid using multiple colours and shades all over your body. This makes it easy to see the different areas of your body, which in turn helps draw attention to problem spots.

Looking to lose a few pounds, but don’t have time to wait on your new workout routine to kick in before a big date or work event? Use your wardrobe to your advantage and slim down with these tailoring tricks.


By Brook Taverner 21 November 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments