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5 Tips For Dressing Taller

In the past it has been said that men of a higher stature are naturally more successful than those of a shorter height. According to statistics, taller men are paid more, liked more and are more attractive to women. Honestly, we wanted to write this off as a myth created just to pump up the egos of the taller men. After looking further into it, we found that this is actually true and fact based. This seems to put men with an average, or below average, height at an unfair disadvantage in life.


We were very displeased with this information, so in an effort to make your life a little easier, we have compiled a list of 5 do's and don'ts in fashion, for the shorter man. These are tried and true methods of creating a taller appearance at a glance.


The Do's and the Don'ts


1. Do wear fitted clothing: Close fitting trousers and men's suits will create the appearance of lengthy appendages. Avoid those with extra material near the armpit, between the legs or with too much length. All of these features will accentuate a shorter height.


2. Do emphasize shoulder: Suits and sports jackets natural increase shoulder height. A more defined shoulder will give the appearance of having a broader chest. This will better enhance the illusion of being tall.


3. Do wear pants at the waist: One thing you always want to do is make your limbs look longer than they actually are. An easy way to carry this out is to wear your pants right where your waist line falls. This is a major increase of height appearance.


4. Don't go for bulky: Accessories such as watches, scarves and glasses add that extra something that an outfit often needs. However, there is a wrong way to do this. If you are trying to come off as a taller man, you will want to avoid chunky accessories as they will take away from your heightened look. Instead of a bulky watch, go for the slimmer, sleek one.


5. Do wear stripes: As long as they are vertical and thin, stripes will add to the appearance of height. As the eyes of an admirer will be able to smoothly asses you from head to toe with no barriers such as checks, to break up the illusion.


By following these five steps you will streamline your appearance. Onlookers will assume that you are taller than you actually are because of the way these clothing choices will accentuate your natural features.


Everyone should be able to work and live with the confidence that they're success will be a reflection of how hard they have worked and strive toward succeed in life. Not their height.


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By Brook Taverner 1 November 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments