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If you've ever been told that you're a lot more intelligent than you look, --I've got news for you. That's not a compliment. Did you also know that individuals who appear smarter have a better chance of getting the job of their choice, moving up the career ladder faster, and yes, --guys who look smarter even have a better chance getting the girl.

Think about your favourite male celebrities. I'm willing to bet none of them are bumbling, stammering, or anything less than well dressed.

In fact, celebrities such as Daniel Craig, George Clooney, and David Beckham are known for their confidence, their good looks, and their intelligence. Bottom line? If there is a way to look smarter (and there is), you should pay attention to every detail.

Here they are. Quick and easy:

  1. Dress Smarter - Whether you're plan is to get the girl or the business deal, you are more likely to be successful with both if you will simply dress the part. Men's suits are not just for special occasions. They are appropriate (and often expected) for business meetings, interviews, and a night on the town with that special someone. Be mindful of the way your suit fits as well. Suit jackets should not be too loose (this is the number one fit faux pas) and men's trousers should not be too long. A nicely tailored, slim fit will not only make you look smarter. You'll also appear more powerful, self confident, and others are more likely to listen to your opinion and perceive you as a competent leader. All that out of a suit? Absolutely.


  1. Watch Your Words – Slang is definitely out, and so is limiting yourself to the same few adverbs and adjectives. Expanding your vocabulary isn't as difficult as it seems. All it takes is paying attention to others when they speak, especially those who are more articulate than yourself. Pick up one or two extra words each week and add them to your vocabulary.


  1. Pay Attention – Yes, as a matter of fact it does make you appear less intelligent when you ramble on and on about yourself without showing courtesy to others. Listening is almost an art form nowadays, and you will definitely be perceived as more intelligent and mature if you can restrain yourself and truly listen to others.


  1. Well Rounded – It helps if you know a little bit about a wide range of topics. Of course, you can't get there by limiting yourself to the same things every day. When possible, watch documentaries and read current online magazines on interesting subjects. You'll be amazed at how useful this will be to your conversations.


  1. Be Open to Learning – We're never too old to continue learning and growing. This should be a part of our every day routine. Make it a point to notice how others handle situations, talk to strangers, and discuss certain topics. Take the things you like and emulate them yourself. Ask plenty of questions.


Follow these five easy steps and watch your sphere of influence grow, right along with your opportunities!

By Brook Taverner 24 May 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments