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6 Autumn Jackets You Shouldn’t Live Without and Where to Wear Them

The seasons are changing, and fall is finally upon us. The air is crisp, the weather a bit cooler and the leaves are changing with every whisper of the wind. Along with the changes in temperature come changes to our wardrobes. You can no longer step outside without a bit of extra fabric to protect your skin against the cooler autumn air. Now is the time to invest in one, three or even six jackets that will keep your warm while also adding another layer to style.

So, which jackets should you choose? Brook Taverner offers a number of selections for your 2016 fall experience that will compliment your existing wardrobe and even add to it.

Welford Pure New Wool Jacket

This thick wool jacket is a must when you’re out and about on cool fall nights. It features a two-button, single-breasted style with hand stitching and a fashion fit. It’s fully lined for extra warmth and is made from 100 percent wool.

What to Pair it With: The berry colour of this handsome jacket works well with blues and browns. Try pairing it with a blue micro check double cuff shirt, navy tie and cotton canvas jeans. Brown brogues are excellent options when it comes to shoes.

Where to Wear it: This jacket definitely has a smart-casual look and is appropriate for casual weddings, nights out on the town with friends or even sporting events that require more formal attire than jeans and a t-shirt.

Sinclair Casual Cord Jacket

Relaxed and cool, this corduroy jacket is a must-have for men this autumn. Featuring a fashion fit, single-breasted design, the jacket has a four button cuff and four inner pockets. The lining keeps you warmer against wind and inclement weather and also adds a touch of style with its paisley pattern.

What to Pair it With: You don’t want your trousers to compete for attention with the jacket, so make sure to choose a pair of thick jeans or chinos that match the weight of the jacket’s fabric. The solid camel colour of the jacket means it will look brilliant with most colours and patterns. Get creative with your shirt options; shirts with small designs, such as flowers, will look excellent. Pull the look together with a brown belt.

Where to Wear it: This cord jacket is strictly for casual events. Wear it on a casual first date or to a dinner with friends. It’s an ideal option for a little extra warmth and style when attending casual parties or barbecues.

Hindhead Blue Check Pure Wool Tweed Jacket

Made from 100 percent wool, this tweed jacket boasts a two-button single-breasted design with angled pockets and classic fit. It’s fully lined and brilliantly tailored.

What to Pair it With: While this men’s tweed jacket delivers a classic fit, it’s roomy enough to pair with a shirt, sweater or both. Featuring an olive and navy check design, it works well with shirts and knitwear in the same area of the colour wheel. Consider a blue, green and gold check casual button-down layered with an indigo or olive zip neck. When it comes to trousers, a thick pair of dark chinos will give you a smart look, but it can also be paired with a tapered denim jean.

Where to Wear it: This tweed jacket is versatile, though almost exclusively casual. It works well as a warm layer for outdoor sporting events and casual get-togethers.

Mawgan Shetland Wool Jacket

Beautifully designed and tailored with a stunning combination of colours that include berry, wine blue and mustard, this is one jacket you shouldn’t live without. It has a classic fit and single-breasted, two-button design. Fully lined, it’s made from 100 percent Shetland wool for warmth.

What to Pair With it: If you’ve ever been afraid to add a little colour to your outfits, this is a jacket that lets you do so easily and almost effortlessly. Its berry hue pairs well with navy and berry check shirts. For a more formal look, add a silk tie and a navy cotton waistcoat. Dark denim jeans work well for casual events, but you can also dress this jacket up with a pair of navy moleskin trousers.

Where to Wear it: Where you where this jacket depends on the items of clothing it’s paired with. Denim jeans and button-down shirts will give it a more casual look, making it appropriate for these types of outings. Wear it with some navy trousers and a navy waistcoat, however, and it takes on a look appropriate for work in a business-casual setting.

Sumburgh Harris Tweed Jacket

With its blue and green herringbone design, this men’s tweed jacket has a vibrant, yet rugged look. It is two button and single-breasted with a tailored fit. With its 100 percent Harris Tweed wool construction, it offers guaranteed quality.

What to Pair it With: This tweed jacket looks brilliant when combined with a shirt that brings out the colours in the herringbone design, such as a blue and orange check or a blue and green stripe. Pair it with a denim jean or a mustard- or Dijon-coloured cotton chino. A black and brown reversible belt ties the casual look together.

Where to Wear it: Tweed is a casual material, one that has been associated with the outdoors and sporting events for decades. This makes the tweed jacket ideal for any casual outdoor setting, whether in the country or the city.

Catterick Jacket

Boasting a brilliant combination of sage herringbone and blue and beige check, this 100 percent wool jacket has a classic fit and fully lined interior. 

What to Pair it With: Greens, blues and browns work best with this jacket. Pair it with a navy cotton shirt for a casual look. If the weather is nippy, add another layer under the jacket with a navy or sage shawl cardigan. Deep brown or even berry or wine-coloured trouser jeans and heavier chinos complete the look, as well as semi-casual brown leather brogues.

Where to Wear it: This jacket makes looking your best, even in casual settings, easy. Wear it on a casual date, to a casual outdoor wedding or even to your favourite sporting event.

Looking a little extra warmth this autumn? Don’t sacrifice your style in the process. There are plenty of casual wool and tweed jackets to choose from.

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