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6 Pieces of Clothing to Buy Before Your First Day on the Job

In just a few days, you’ll be starting your new job. While it may not be the career of your dreams, you’re quickly climbing up the corporate ladder- much faster than you ever dreamed possible. In an environment that demands both business formal and business casual attire, though, you have to be ready for anything. Before you start your first day on the job, you need to have a few essentials already hanging in your closet.

Essential Clothing for Your New Job

  • Men’s Suits- In the business world, nothing says professional like tailored, fit suits. You’ll need a few of them, preferably two or three, so that one can be hanging in the closet at all times, airing out when you aren’t using it, one can be worn to the office, and one is always there as a spare in case you accidentally spill your lunch and one of the suits has to visit the dry cleaner. Be careful when choosing the colour of your men’s suits; colours like black, charcoal, navy, and brown give you a smart professional appearance while allowing you to add accents with colours and patterns of your choice.
  • Dress Shirts- Dress shirts are an essential every-day part of your wardrobe, and because they are less expensive than suits, you can purchase more of them. This will allow you to mix and match more easily and create different looks even when wearing the same suit. Choose crisp, breathable fabrics, tailored fits, and flattering spread collars.
  • Ties- This accessory allows you to get a little creative and add a personal touch to your ensemble with colours and patterns, but it’s important to avoid being too creative. Leave the decorative ties at home and choose ties that subtly stand out from your suit. Want to make an even bigger impression? Get noticed by choosing bold, strong colours like red and orange.
  • Shoes- Whether you’re working at a desk or commanding a board room, your feet need to look stylish and be comfortable. Keep things simple with black, brown, or navy coloured Oxfords or brogues. Always remember to match the colour of your shoes to your belt, too.
  • Men’s Tweed Jacket- Does the office have a casual Friday? If so, don’t make the mistake of showing up in jeans and a t-shirt. Casual Friday in the business world means business casual attire. A pair of fitted trousers or chinos, a dress shirt, and a tweed jacket is the perfect mix of both casual and professional.
  • Knitwear- Knitwear like polo shirts, v-necks, and cardigans are brilliant options to wear when you need to pull off the business casual look. These knits can be worn with your tweed jacket, men’s suits, or even by themselves. Layer your look with a cardigan or v-neck, a neutral dress shirt, and a eye-catching tie.

Choosing Suits, Tweed Jackets, and More for Your First Day

Starting a new job is something special; make the day memorable by ensuring you are dress to the nines in the appropriate kind of men’s clothing.

By Brook Taverner 17 March 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments