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6 Reasons You’re Still Single (And What You Can do About it)

You’ve finally gotten to that age. You’re not in college anymore. You’ve established yourself in a career you love. You think you’ve reached the time in your life when everything should be coming together. Unfortunately, however, it’s not. You’re still single, and there doesn’t seem to be any signs on the horizon indicating that will change any time soon.

So, what’s the problem? While it could be that you’re simply too good for all the women you’ve met over the past ten years, chances are the reasons behind your lack of a relationship have to do with you. So, what are you doing wrong? And how are you going to fix it so your life can actually get started?

 Reasons You’re Single

  • You Still Live Life Like a College Student- Sleeping till noon, partying till two in the morning. It’s the life every college student dreams about and loves. However, once you graduate, this lifestyle should become a thing of the past. Your career may let you keep these hours, but that doesn’t mean you should. You either need to make a change or understand that finding that special someone who will be comfortable with this lifestyle will be much more difficult.


  • You Date Too Much- Dating is the perfect option when you’re searching for someone special, but dating too much often means you’re just looking for anyone. If you constantly make dates with different girls every night, how will it be possible to truly get to know any of them? Avoid serial dating. Get to know the women you meet; if you enjoy their company and care about them, pursue a relationship. If not, don’t string them along.


  • You Dress Like a College Student- When you’re in your late teens and twenties, your wardrobe might not matter too much. After all, you’re busy enjoying life. Once you graduate, however, life becomes a series of wardrobe choices. The suits, tweed jackets, and dress shirts you wear can decide your future. Are you going to be chosen for that job? Is the pretty girl across the room actually going to notice you? Get rid of those tired choices in your closet and opt for sophistication and style in the form of men’s suits and men’s tweed jackets.


  • You’re Too Picky- If you look hard enough, you can find flaws with just about anyone. The girl you went on a date with last week may have an annoying laugh. The woman you’re seeing tomorrow night might have an oddly shaped nose. That doesn’t mean you should write them off. Think for a moment how you would measure up if they were as picky as you are. Be flexible.


  • You’re Insecure- Are you even sure you want to be in a relationship? Being single means you don’t have to worry about who’s waiting up for you. You can hang out with your mates whenever you want and live your life the way you want to. You don’t have to put on suits for fancy dinners or consider the prospect of marriage and kids. But it also means living your life alone. If you’re insecure about being in a relationship, consider the alternative. Could you imagine living alone for the rest of your life or do you want someone to share it with?


  • You’re Clingy- This is another insecurity that often manifests in ways like obsessive texting, jealousy, and an inability to separate your relationship from the rest of your life. If your relationships have failed over and over again, the reason you might still be single is most likely because you come on a bit too strong. Relax. It’s okay to take time away from each other and your relationship. Put down the phone and enjoy yourself.

 Are you still single and are not sure why? There could be a variety of reasons you have trouble committing completely to the opposite sex. Whether you have an avoidance to men’s suits and stylish clothing, are a bit too clingy, or are insecure about your relationship, know that there are simple ways you can make a change.   

By Brook Taverner 10 February 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments