6 Romantic Autumn Date Ideas

Fall is finally here, and the weather outside is starting to reflect it. While this month may not be as cool and crisp as October will be, you’ll soon begin to see signs that autumn is making its mark. This time of year is beautiful, with Mother Nature making her mark on every aspect of the world, from the vibrant colours in the trees to the crisp touch of a fall breeze. It’s even making a difference in the clothes you wear. Gone are the linen men’s suits, and in their place are warmer wool blends that give you the breathability you need on warmer days and comfort on colder ones.

Like any other season, this is a season of love as well, and if you’ve found yours, there’s plenty of reasons to get out and enjoy the natural wonder of the world during this time with your loved one. Even if the temperature is falling, the sensory experience of fall is one you will enjoy for both first dates and tenth dates.

Dating Ideas for Fall: Keeping it Romantic


Experience Autumn at an Arboretum- There really isn’t a better place to share the beauty of the season with one you love more than a location surrounded by trees covered in multi-coloured leaves. In order to make this a date she’ll enjoy, make it an early one. This will help you beat the crowds so the two of you can enjoy some alone time together. To beat back the early fall cold, wear a warm men’s tweed jacket (with a sweater below it just in case she gets chilly and needs your tweed jacket) and pick up a couple of coffees or teas.

With the well-manicured trails is ideal for an early morning walk as you gaze together at the beauty of nature all around you, taking a few moments, of course, to gaze into one another’s eyes as well. If you don’t have one near you, however, any dense forest with well-marked trails will do. If you want to take the adventure a step further, you can even bring a small picnic basket packed with all of her favourite breakfast foods. Just keep in mind that if you are doing this in an arboretum, you’ll want to make sure they are okay with food being brought in.


Star Gazing or Sky Gazing- What could be more romantic than staring at the stars on a beautiful fall night? Autumn has a number of celestial events you can share with your loved one. To enjoy it, simply pick a sloped hill in the middle of your favourite park. Bring along a few blankets to lie on and wrap up in, then enjoy the night sky together as you hold each other tight.

Is gazing at the stars from the ground a little impersonal for you? You don’t have to stop there. If you want, bring along your own telescope to share with your date. You can even take things a step further and skip the park altogether. Instead, you can put in a little time online researching an astronomy club or observatory in your area. Many of these locations offer the public free viewings of celestial events.

Of course this romantic date isn’t for everyone. However, if you and your girl like staying up all night and viewing a meteor shower sounds like a perfect way to spend your Saturday, it may be the romantic option for you.


Farmers’ Market, Fresh to the Table- If there’s one thing autumn is known for, it’s its produce. Now is the time when farmers all over the country are harvesting their vegetables and fruits and heading to the market to sell them. Farmers’ markets have a variety of items that will tantalise your taste buds and make your senses smile. From fresh fruits to preserves and homemade pies, you and your date can pick through a number of items that will fill your stomachs.

Shopping is only half the fun, though. At the end of the trip, consider creating a delicious meal out of the ingredients you found at the market. Cooking together can be very romantic, especially when it’s followed by a candle-lit dinner.


Fly High in the Sky- For the adrenaline-chasing couple, the concept of danger can be ever-so-romantic. After a long day at work, why not get up into the air and do a bit of flying? It’s possible with a zip line. ZipWorld actually features the longest zip line in Europe. You can zip along with your date right next to you at speeds of up to 100mph. They even have a zip line underground and bounce below you can check out after you’ve finished soaring through the air, experiencing the crisp fall air and seeing the changing colours of the leaves in a way that only birds can.


River Walks in London- While you may not be putting on a suit and ordering a large, expensive dinner, a day-time date in the fall can still be very romantic if done correctly. A river walk is one of the options you have that lets you enjoy a romantic atmosphere.


There are plenty of options, especially in London. You can walk by yourself, or, if you prefer, you can join a walk with a group and experience nature with the safety of the group. Be sure to dress in layers to protect against the cold. A tweed jacket and a pair of chinos will help block the cool air coming off the river as you walk alongside it. Stop to throw in a few pebbles or find a tree you can lay a blanket underneath and enjoy the afternoon together. You can even pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it together while you’re out.

Romance is in the air, and fall is the perfect time to experience it. Consider one of these date ideas the next time you go out. Just make sure you dress appropriately so you’re protected against the cooling weather.

By Brook Taverner 10 August 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments