May 2014

Suit Repair SOS: How to Mend Your Suit’s Holes And Tears

One of the biggest myths in fashion today is that if you invest in men's suits and tweed jackets and take care of them, they'll last forever. While they do tend to last a lot longer than clothing made with low-quality fabric that isn't cared for, nothing --no matter how well it is made-- is immune from tears, snags, and holes. When this happens to your suits or men's tweed jackets, however, knowing what to do can save you time and money.


We’ve put together a comprehensive guide including the best tips and techniques to fix most of the usual drawbacks that could affect your suit’s quality and durability.

  • The Truth About Shower-Steaming Your Suit and Why It’s a Bad Idea!

    There's an old 'trick' that has been passed down from generation to generation, blog to blog, and magazine to magazine, outlining an easy way to get rid of wrinkles in men's suits. What's the trick? Hang your suit or even your tweed jacket in the bathroom while you take a hot shower and let the steam relax the fibres, ridding your nice clothes of wrinkles easily and quickly.


    Sounds great, doesn't it?