Blog - April 2019

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April 2019

Top 4 British Male Fashion Icons and How to Get Their Looks

It was about time to round up and honour some of the most celebrated fashion icons from the UK. From timeless artists to new generation Hollywood stars, follow the steps of these fine gentlemen that for sure know how to perfect any attire.

  • Top 6 Special Occasions Dress Code Guide – What To Wear And When?

    A worthy gentleman takes pride in always being on point portraying a neat and streamlined attire.


    It takes an oblivious man to underestimate the importance of dressing up according to the occasion. Which is why BT’s Dress Code Guides focus on different situations and events that you may come across in life.


    Whether it’s a job interview, an evening outing, a Sunday lunch or a wedding, we are sharing with you expert advice so you get to succeed every single time.