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Are You a Men’s Fashion Addict? Here’s How to Tell

It seems like just yesterday that you were flirting with gateway clothing like Oxford button down shirts and casually flicking through the pages of GQ, trying to decide if you could really pull off that navy blazer with your broad shoulders. Today, that innocence has turned into something more: an addiction.


As addictions go, this is one of the best. Being addicted to men’s fashion and style means you’re always noticed when you enter a room. People can’t help but stare at your well-thought-out ensemble. They can’t help but be jealous of how easy you make mixing patterns and colours look. And you can’t help but feel confident every time you leave the house.


It’s a problem- a very stylish one. Not sure if you can call yourself an addict? Here’s a short checklist to help you come face to face with the facts.


Are You a Fashion Addict?


  • You Know You Look Good- It doesn’t matter where you go or who you’re with, you know that every time you walk into a room or join your group of friends, you’ll be the one that looks the best. And while that confidence may border on arrogance, you can’t help it; the truth is the truth.


  • You Recruit- Not only have you mastered style better than your friends, but you’re convinced they must follow in your footsteps. Whenever one asks you what shirt they should wear for a date, you spend the next hour looking through their wardrobe- and eventually finding something for them to wear in your closet.


  • You Make Mental (or Actual) Lists- It began as a quick mental note: I need to buy a new tweed jacket for this winter. Over time, however, those quick notes have become lists of items you want. Now you have lists that include the top five men’s tweed jackets you’d like to own and 10 different suits that can be worn to the office. These lists now fill your head, several post-it notes, and your smartphone.


  • You’d Rather Buy Suits- Is your refrigerator lacking anything but condiments, but your closet so full you’ve actually considered turning that spare room into one giant walk-in closet? If so, you can officially call yourself a fashion addict.


  • You’ve Taken a Second Job- After a strong lecture from your mum about how food in the fridge is important, you decided to pay more attention to the grocery list. That doesn’t mean that you’ve ignored your need for five new winter scarves or that handsome new range of men’s suits, however. So, you’ve taken on a second job so you can afford it all.


Menswear Addicts: Gaining Perspective


We all go a little overboard sometimes, but if this checklist sounds like you, you might be taking your love for men’s clothing a bit too far. The first step is acceptance, and the second step is becoming a healthier man who maintains a streamlined wardrobe that contains only those necessary pieces for the modern gentleman.


Except when there’s a sale. Then all bets are off.

By Brook Taverner 6 November 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments