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Caring for Your new Suede Shoes

Are you ready to get your wardrobe ready for spring? Whether you're looking to accessorise a stylish black suit or a tweed jacket and casual trousers, suede shoes are the perfect way to jump into spring fashion with minimal effort.

While you may have steered away from using this material in the past because you were scared caring for it would be difficult, it's time to put that myth aside. The truth is, suede is no more prone to damage from spring rains than leather is. As long as you show it a little bit of tender loving care, your suede shoes can easily stand up to the buckets of rainfall the UK is known for during this time of year while making your men's suits pop.


Caring for Suede Shoes

The first step to taking care of your men's suede shoes is to purchase a protectant spray that can be apply to the upper. While the material will initially darken when this spray is applied, it will return to its normal colour after the spray has been given a chance to dry.

With this step done, you simply need to take a few additional steps to make sure the shoes you wear will keep making your new men's tweed jacket looking good all throughout the season- and after. The following tips can help you do this. Just remember to repeat them every few months for the best results.


Get Rid of Dirt- Life is messy, and because  your shoes are the closest part of you to the ground, they tend to get the messy end of the stick. While you don't have to obsess about where you step and what condition your shoes are in every hour of the day, do take the time to pay attention to their condition when you take them off at night. Look them over and see if any sort of debris is compromising their look. If you find dirt spots or something worse, use a suede eraser to scrub them out. If you don't have one of these products, try using a suede brush instead.

For harder, stuck-on dirt and debris or dirt that has accumulated deeper in the suede, use suede shampoo to get rid the unwanted mess. Some excess moisture may have been soaked up by the material while they were being washed so let the shoes dry overnight when using this method, stuffing the interior with newspaper or hanging them on a shoe tree.

In the morning, use the suede brush again. This will help give the suede back its lustre and fluff. You should then reapply the protectant.


Removing Stains- Even with the suede protectant, stains can happen. While you'll want to remove the stain as quickly as possible so your tweed jacket or suits still have that professional or fashionable look, you don't want to get in over your head. If the stain is very bad, don't take a chance of getting rid of it yourself. Instead, take it to a cobbler. They have the tools and skills necessary to help and will return your money to you if something should happen to go wrong.

If the stain isn't very serious, though, you can try a few different tricks to remove it.


  • Using an emery board or a small file, rub the area with the stain very lightly. This will remove the stain easily, however, it can damage the material in the process.


  • Don't want to hurt the nap? Rub the shoes together. The rubbing motion will help remove the stain without damaging the sensitive suede material.


  • Use a suede eraser or cleaning block for the most efficient way to remove the stain.


Getting Rid of Water Marks- Suede shoes don't like water. However, with the right care, you can prevent water from leaving marks or ruining your shoes. The first thing you should always know is to never place the shoes near a heat source or in the sun to dry. This can make them fade, and it won't help to remove the water marks.

Instead, let them dry naturally. Remove as much moisture as you can by dabbing them with a clean, dry towel. After this, place them on a shoe tree or stuff them with newspapers to help them keep their shape, and then leave them to dry at room temperature. Brush them after they are fully dry to restore their natural look.


Additional Tips About Suede Shoe Care

  • When you're brushing the material, always remember to brush the nap in the same direction for each part of the shoe. This not only helps to keep the shoe looking its best, but can help you avoid spreading dirt to other areas of the shoe while you're cleaning it.


  • Use shoe trees if you have them, even if you aren't shampooing the suede and they haven't gotten wet. Your feet can still leave moisture in the shoes, and they can loose their shape quickly. Shoe trees will help remove some of this moisture and help the shoes keep their shape.


  • If you step in mud, don't try to wipe it off immediately. This can lead to staining. Instead, let the mud dry first and then brush the dirt off the shoe.


  • Never use harsh chemicals on your suede shoes, especially if you want them to continue to compliment your men's tweed jacket or suits. Chemicals can damage the materials and distort the colour, so choose cleaners that are as natural as possible.


  • Don't leave your shoes in the sun, even if you aren't attempting to dry them. This will cause their colour to fade.

If you want to be a fashionable man, caring for the clothes you buy is one factor you'll need to be ready for. Your suede shoes can make or break your outfit, so be aware of the steps you'll need to take to make them look great. They aren't that hard to take care of if you understand exactly what to do and what not to do to keep the material looking luxurious and beautiful.

By Brook Taverner 20 April 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments