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Choosing Your Style for Holiday Parties and Work Functions

Christmas if approaching fast, but before you get that well-deserved time off from work, you have a couple of important milestone to get through: holiday parties and work functions. While these two occasions are often, different, they are more alike than most people realise. They both require you to be on your best behaviour, they call for elegant and thought-out attire, and they can both offer exciting holiday fun.


Before you head out the door or begin dreaming of Wassail, let’s take a moment to consider the most important aspect of any holiday function: what you’re going to wear.


Holiday Party Attire: Suits, Tweed Jackets, and Ties


Confused about what you should be wearing to a holiday party or company Christmas party? This is understandable; most people don’t hand out dress codes with invitations. However, they do sometimes offer hints on what you should be wearing within the invitation.


For instance, if you receive an invitation that says:


  • Festive- An invitation that calls for festive attire means you can wear clothing that’s fun. This is the ONLY time you can drag out the tie Aunt Edie gave you last Christmas; you know, the one that plays “Jingle Bells.” If the invitation doesn’t say festive, save it for the one time a year she visits.


  • Business Casual- An invitation that says business casual usually calls for a nice dress shirt, a tweed jacket, and a pair of chinos. You can wear men’s suits, but they aren’t required.


  • Business Attire- Think job interview. You’re going to want to wear dark suits with silk ties. Be conservative.


  • Cocktail Attire- Again, for men, this will involve nice, fitted, men’s suits, ties, and appropriate dress shoes. Choose darker colours like navy blue or black.


  • Black Tie- Wear a tux. If you don’t have one, a black suit can sometimes be substituted, although not always.


Once you’ve deciphered the dress code on the invitation, you have to choose a style that is right for the party. If you want to look your best while doing this, you need to remember three things:


  • Check the Fit- Even the most stylish men’s tweed jacket can look much too casual if it doesn’t fit correctly. If you’ve recently gone on a diet or the holiday meals have added to your weight, visit your tailor and have your tweed jackets and suits measured and altered as needed.


  • Don’t go Over the Top- Even a festive-themed party has its limits. Keep your attire as conservative as possible, and choose one festive accessory, like your tie or cufflinks. Remember, you still want to fit in, look sartorially elegant, and be just a suave. You don’t want to see women running in the opposite direction when they see you.


  • Wear the Correct Shoes- All shoes are not created equal. Some are casual. Some are semi-formal. And some can only be worn with a tux. A pair of black leather loafers will work well with your men’s suits; just be sure they aren’t worn or scuffed.


Did you receive an invitation to a holiday party? Make sure you’re dressed to impress with these excellent tips.

By Brook Taverner 2 December 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments