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Debunking Fashion Rules and Myths About Colours

Ah, the rules of men’s fashion. They’ve been handed down for generations, are often unwritten, and are generally put in place for a good reason. Some, however, just don’t make sense anymore; they are outdated and need to be broken. Instead of being tried and true rules, they have become myths and legends that newcomers to style and fashion aren’t sure what to do with.

In order to understand why these myths, especially those about colours, are no longer useful to your wardrobe choices, it’s important to first understand why they were established in the first place. Only then can you dismiss what these myths say.

Men’s Suits, Colours, and the Myths Behind Them

  • Never Wear Red and Green- If you were to take a look at the colour wheel, you’d see that red and green are contrasting colours. As a result, they aren’t easy to combine together; they typically either clash or make you look like a Christmas ornament. With fashion rules say to never combine these two colours, pairing them correctly with your men’s suits will offer a look you’ll love. The secret? Choose one hue that’s dark and one that’s light, then pair it with a neutral item for balance. That means that if you choose to wear a light green shirt, you can pair it with a deep, dark red tie and balance it out with a black suit.
  • Avoid Black and Brown Together- The old saying “black and brown will make you frown” is one that’s been handed down throughout the years from father to son. In many ways, it makes sense. When you’re dealing with dark browns, like taupe, bistre, and chocolate, combining them with black can lead to confusion because they are so dark they almost look black. The only difference is, these browns will look muddy and unkempt next to a crisp black. The solution? Contrast. Wearing a brown tweed jacket with a pair of black trousers works, but only if the brown is a light shade.
  • Don’t Wear Brown in Town- In the late nineteenth century, Englishmen who had jobs in the city would choose to wear grey, black, or blue suits for their jobs. When they would go back to their homes in the country at the end of a long day, they’d change out of their black suits and into brown clothing. As a result, a belief was born that brown wasn’t a colour that should be worn within the city. It was thought that wearing a tweed jacket or brown men’s suits meant you were dressed casually and not ready for business.

While this might have been a rule back then, it’s now the 21st century. Brown is not only an acceptable colour to wear to work or about town, it’s actually a popular one.  Don’t be afraid to wear men’s tweed jackets or brown suits.

What other strange rules and myths about fashion have you heard over the years? There are quite a few, and while each one was put in place for a reason, they aren’t all relevant for today’s world.

By Brook Taverner 6 January 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments