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Eight Easy Ways to Establish Credibility in the Workplace

When you start a new job, it can feel like you’re jumping through hurdles to be taken seriously. This is especially true if you’re a young professional. More established workers may question your credibility in the workplace, believing that because you have less experience than they do, you don’t have what it takes to contribute. You may feel as if your ideas and thoughts are constantly being dismissed by your colleagues, investors and customers. Establishing credibility with these individuals isn’t always easy, but there are a few steps you can take to increase their respect for you and make them believe you truly know what you’re doing.


What is Credibility?

Credibility is a feeling of belief, trust and respect one person has for another. Credibility isn’t created by one act. In fact, it often takes a combination of factors to establish credibility. Once you gain this trust, however, other around you will begin to respect your opinions and trust your judgement. In turn, this can lead to a more fulfilling and successful career. People with credibility often have the following qualities and values:

  • Honesty


  • Authenticity


  • Integrity


  • Commitment


Interested in learning how to become a credible young professional that others will trust and respect in the workplace? Here are just a few suggestions to consider.


Look the Part of a Professional

In today’s world, it’s hip and cool for young 20-somethings to dress casually in the workplace, especially in certain industries like technology. However, one of the first things your peers are going to notice about you is your appearance. If you look like a 20 year old that is still in the college phase of his life, they’re going to treat you like you are. You can’t control your age or how youthful you look, but you can control how you dress when you’re on the job.

Putting on men’s suits or a snazzy pair of chinos and tweed jacket may not exactly be your style, but it can help you look more professional. When you dress the part, others believe you take your job more seriously. Even if this was true before you donned a suit, your outward appearance may not have projected it.

Be careful when choosing any type of clothing to wear in the workplace. Your suits should not only be an appropriate colour (such as blue, black, grey or brown) in the office, but they should also fit correctly. Fit is essential if you want to avoid looking like you’re a child playing dressup.


Know What You’re Doing

Want your colleagues to believe you have what it takes to make it? Don’t fake it. Make sure you know what you’re doing each and every day. If you don’t, learn, and learn quickly. Prove those individuals who have underestimated you wrong.


Get it Done

Whether you have a project due or have been asked to type up the notes for your boss’ morning meeting, make sure you get it done. This shows others they can count on you to fulfil your promises to the best of your ability. You’ll establish credibility this way, even if you happen to make a few mistakes early on.


Deliver on Time

While we’re on the subject of delivering on your promises and assignments, make sure to get these things done on time. If your employer needs something by Monday morning and you spend the weekend out on the town instead of finishing it, you’re only proving their estimation of you correct. Get it done first, then enjoy your downtime.


Get Some Help

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I can just get one foot in the door…”? You can. Do it by borrowing the credibility of someone else. Find a supervisor, mentor or colleague that can help you learn the ropes and introduce you to new customers, investors or business practises. Once you have their stamp of approval, either through a reference or introduction, you’ll find other will take you more seriously in the workplace.


Work Together

If you want your colleagues to trust and respect you, you have to give them the trust and respect they deserve. Be a team player in all aspects of your career. Contribute, share and work together with other employees to make a difference. As you work together, the team will begin to understand what special qualities and capabilities you have and will be more willing to provide you with the credit you deserve.


Be Professional Everywhere- Even Online

Today is an age of technology, and the internet is king. Don’t be surprised if your employer or even customers Google your name before they even see your pin-striped three-piece business suit. They want to know who you are before they shake your hand.

So, what do you do? Establish a positive presence online that contributes to your credibility. Social networking sites like LinkedIn are perfect for introducing yourself as a professional, but don’t stop there. You future employer, colleagues and investors may check out other social media sites you’re on, like Facebook or Twitter. Be sure these are positive as well and will help provide you with a good first impression.


Get to Work

Dressing in nice men’s suits or men’s tweed jackets, working as a team player and delivering on time helps establish credibility, but so does putting in a hard day’s work. In the end, your results are going to be what really matters in the workplace and will affect how others view you.

It may take a while to earn the credibility you think you deserve, but those long hours, that hard work and a bit of patience will pay off. Luckily, you’re young. This means time is on your side. And, in the end, it will make the effort worth it.

Establishing credibility in the workplace isn’t always easy, but it can be done. If you’re a young professional who is struggling to be accepted, try these simple tips for earning the respect and admiration of those you work with.

By Brook Taverner 4 January 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments