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Get the Look of Summer Linen

The classic linen jacket. It feels so nice to slip on the cool, comfort of linen, doesn’t it?

Of course it does. Linen is the signature of a casual summer wedding, a weekend meeting under the stars, or a breezy afternoon spent exploring the latest gallery or coffee shop.

But when it comes to linen, some of us are uncomfortable. We avoid it, because we have unanswered questions. Doesn’t linen wrinkle? Will it hold it’s shape? Will it really keep me cool? Can linen be washed without damage? Here’s the answers that will help you be more confident as you revisit the freshest fabric of the season.

Our 100% Pisa sky blue linen jacket is a good place to begin.

Summer Linen - The Right Look

“I’m on my way to a quick and casual lunch meeting. We’ll be sitting on the patio. We will share a few drinks, a light and fresh meal, and then we’ll discuss the pros and cons of this next business adventure we’ve been tossing around. I want to look fresh, confident, and yet I also want to have the upper hand in the situation. Sure, my ideas, my charisma, and my verbal skills will come into play during this meeting. Even my handshake is important —but first there is my look. It speaks for me without saying a word. What do I choose? The Pisa Sky Blue linen jacket from Brook Taverner. It is summer linen with a little bit more. Just the right amount of “more” to make the confident statement I’m looking for. Paired with Brook Taverner’s soft red stripe, cotton and linen short sleeve shirt, and I’ll have the attention of everyone at the table, and then some.” 

Okay, we understand the look is solid. Linen absolutely makes a summer statement. So, what about the questions?

Will Linen Really Keep Me Cool?

In warmer, summer and tropical climates, linen clothing has shown to produce a skin temperature between 3°- 4°C below individuals wearing cotton or other fabric.

Linen is a natural fabric that comes from the from the flax (linseed) plant and has quite a reputation for keeping skin temperatures fresh and cool, even during exceptionally warm weather. Linen is said to be the oldest fabric known and is the reason for the “lin” in the words lingerie and lining. A suit jacket lined with linen as opposed to man-made fabric or silk will be considerably cooler.

Because linen has excellent air flow and outstanding heat conductivity characteristics; linen doesn’t hold heat or pull it toward the body. In fact, heat quickly escapes. That’s what “heat conductivity” is. The heat conductivity of linen is an impressive five times higher than that of wool and nineteen times as much as silk. Now you can see why you’ll be your cool and confident best wearing linen for any summer occasion.

Is Linen Notoriously Wrinkly?

The wrinkles associated with linen has long been admired as part of the fabric's particular charm. Linen is versatile and strong, and can be washed and air dried without the necessity of ironing. Should you want to iron your linen garment, be sure not to continuously crease and iron in the same spot, as this can break down the fabric.

How Should I Iron My Linen Suit?

No real need to iron your linen suit, but if you do decide to do so, use the highest setting and iron while the garment is still damp as this guards against burning the fabric. Always iron until smooth, but not necessarily dry, ironing the inside first and then the outside. This will create a nice, smooth sheen. Once the wrinkles are out, hang your garment to finish drying.

Can I Hand Wash My Linen Garment?

Hand washing or machine washing are both absolutely fine. This is for pants and shirts only. You’ll still want to have your linen suit jackets dry cleaned. Machine washing actually will reduce wrinkling over time, since it softens the garment. Always read the label and keep in mind, linen does shrink.

How to Remove Wrinkles From Linen

Did you get a few champagne stains at the last wedding you attended in your linen suit? Rubbing with cold water right away is advisable or you can simply let the garment soak in a mixture of laundry detergent and water. 

The Best Accessories for Linen Suits

Of course, it’s summer, so casual is the key word to many of the events you’ll be attending. Outdoor parties, walks in the park, and boating excursions are just a few. So, what about the accessories? Keep them light as well. A minimalistic watch with a leather band is all you’ll need for jewelry. Don’t forget a pair of stylish sun-glasses and your favorite leather shoes. Brook Taverner’s Holborn navy calf shoe with rubber studded sole is the perfect end note to the style and simplicity of our favourite linen suits.

Are you ready for summer? We can hear the waves calling you to have the best dressed season of your life. We agree.

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