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Get the Look- Prince William, the Style Icon

If there's one man in the world with the power to influence style, fashion, and trends, it's the future King, Prince William. He's known for quite a few things, including being married to the very sexy Kate Middleton, being the eldest son of Prince Charles of Wales and Princess Diana, and being the father a very cute royal baby, Prince George, and another one on the way.

But he brings more to the table than just his heritage and famous status. He's also a style icon.


Prince William: A Short Biography

Prince William was born on June 21, 1982 and has the official title “His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales.” Throughout his life, he has been a serious student, entering Eton College, a prestigious secondary school in England. Here he not only made excellent grades, but excelled at many sports, including skiing, fishing, shooting, riding, and swimming. After he graduated, he took a break from studying and visited Africa and South America. After this, he went on to attend St. Andrew's University in Scotland, where he first met Kate Middleton.

After he graduated from the University, he became a military cadet in the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. By December of 2006, he had become a second lieutenant in the Household Calvary. Later on, in 2008, he became a Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. He then began training with the Royal Air Force to become a search and rescue pilot.

In 2010, the prince asked Kate Middleton to marry him during holiday in Kenya. He broke royal tradition in doing so, as Kate is not of aristocratic or royal lineage. They married in 2011 and announced they were expecting a baby in 2012. In 2014, the couple announced they were expecting a second child.


The Style Secrets of Prince William

His life story is constantly being told by the media, but his style choices have made waves as well. This well dressed man has a few style secrets you can steal for yourself to dress like royalty.


  • Navy Check Button-Downs- This prince knows the value of having the right essential in his closet. In a picture captured at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, he's featured wearing a navy check gingham shirt. This button-down is a staple, and one that can be worn almost anywhere, including the office or a petting zoo in Australia. You do get bonus points if you're wearing it while petting a cute koala, though.


  • Use Your tie as an Anchor- Dark suits can feel a little overwhelming, especially if you want to come across as a man of the people. At a Monday morning board meeting, they work well, because they make you look like you're ready to get down to business. If you want to give yourself a softer appearance while still looking professional, though, use your tie as an anchor. Prince William does this often, especially with his dark navy men's suits, by pairing them with a pastel knit tie.


  • Get the fit Right- While the prince does have the finest tailors at his beck and call, that doesn't mean you can't get his same look. You just have to get the fit right. In this case, we're referring to his navy suits, which are frequent and unstoppable when he's in “Prince Mode.” All of the fine details are nailed down so each of his men's suits looks fantastic, including the tapered sleeves  and slim waist. He compliments them with the perfect tie and dress shirt.


  • Change it up- If Prince William does one thing well, it's wear navy suits. He knows what he looks good in, and he isn't afraid to wear it. However, he doesn't just wear the same thing day after day. He changes things up by altering some of the finer details. Even if he's wearing the same type of navy suit, the shirt, the tie, the cufflinks- they are all different each time. It allows him to wear what looks good while giving the appearance of a different ensemble.


  • Use Statement Pieces- At Garter Day in 2014, Prince William wore a decorative robe and a very feathery hat, and he somehow pulled it off. You probably won't get the chance to wear the same outfit unless you're of royal descent, but there is a lesson to be learned here. Don't be afraid to wear those statement pieces. Include them with an ensemble you wear just once and see if you don't become much more popular on Instagram. Sometimes taking a chance on even ordinary clothing items, like a new pair of shoes, a new belt, or a new tweed jacket can help you alter your style and embrace a new aspect of your personality. It may be scary to try something new and different, but you'll never know if it will work unless you give it a shot.


  • Think About Your Situation- Prince William is a practical man, and he embraces clothing choices that lend to that practicality. You won't see him battling a snow storm with a linen shirt on, and you won't see him wearing a tweed jacket to a black tie event. This is because he thinks carefully about the situation he's going into and dresses for it. Consider for instance, his visit to the Australian frontier with Kate. He knew it would be outdoors and hot, so he wasn't packing suits or men's tweed jackets for the trip. Instead, he wore a light linen shirt that would keep him cool in the heat of the day.


Want to dress to impress? Consider dressing like royalty. While you may not have people waiting outside your door to help you make the right style choices or choose the right fit, you can still take a page from the prince's book. Focus on the things that really matter, like fit and the small details, don't be afraid to take a chance with your fashion, and consider the event or situation before selecting the clothing you want to wear. These style secrets will help you improve your look.

By Brook Taverner 9 March 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments