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5 Tweed Jacket Full Outfit Ideas

Tweed jackets for men -aka tweed blazers- make a statement. They are classic, yet very current. If you’re not ready to wear a suit yet, they offer a perfect way to upgrade your wardrobe and give you a stylish appearance when the cold weather hits.

So if the question is: To Tweed or not to Tweed? Although the answer would always be yes, grasping the secrets to what to wear with a tweed jacket, how to wear it casually or even what trousers to combine it with, become important matters.

Tweed has a silhouette that will provide you with plenty wear and ideas for combining it with other men’s clothing items. For example, you can wear a tweed jacket with chinos or a tweed blazer with jeans, you can even get tweed trousers!

To get the hang of how to wear your tweed jacket like a true gent, you need to know where to start. Here is a little information on what this sturdy all-times classic is, its origins and 5 outfit ideas.


Tweed: What is it and What’s the Best Kind?


The definition of tweed starts with sheep. That’s right; it’s made of wool. Traditionally, breeds of sheep like Cheviot or Blackface provide wool to make tweed. Today, however, there are plenty of other breeds that are used, many providing softer, lighter cloths.

Once the wool is chosen, tweed is woven on a loom to produce a weave. The yarn produced is often dyed, matching the colours of the countryside.

Harris Tweed is said to be the best type of tweed. It’s a tweed made from yarn that been spun, dyed and woven by local crofters in the Scottish Outer Hebrides. While originally only one of the islands produced true Harris Tweed (The Isle of Harris,) the neighbouring islands in the Scottish Outer Hebrides learned the weaving methods and helped more and more with production as demand for this brilliant tweed grew.


How to Wear Your Tweed Jacket

Creating an outfit with your tweed jacket doesn’t have to be scary or hard. Here are a few ideas you can use to get started.


1 The Classic Cold Weather Go-To 

Most men have two main staples in their wardrobe that work perfectly with a tweed jacket: the classic white dress shirt and a pair of dark denim jeans.  

Let’s use these two staples to add on to. Chelsea boots, a black belt if the blazer is grey, a brown leather belt if brown, a dress watch, and to top it all up, a slim plaid tie. Finish it off with a wool-blend pocket square.


2 Rugged Stylish

Heading to the woods, but don’t want to give up your stylish look? This is the perfect time to pull out your pure new wool grey check jacket.

 Here’s what else you’ll need:

  • Brown suede brouges
  • Brown plaited Spanish leather belt
  • Wine with navy and green single-cuff shirt
  • Cherry cord trousers

See how easy that was? You’re ready for a fashionable day in the country.


3 Get a Little Attention

Some tweed ensembles are fashionable and stylish in any casual scene. Others pop and catch your eye in a completely different way. The olive and navy wool tweed jacket is one of the later. It’s the easiest way to stay warm on a fall afternoon in the country while also keeping her attention on you.

Complete this look with a Bowley tan calf brogue with rubber sole, navy chambray button-down, navy tailored leg cord and a Damson knitted lambswool waistcoat. Throw on the tweed jacket and watch her eyes light up.

To attain a whole new level of sophistication, mix in your favourite black trousers. 


4 Chilly Nights

For those nights when it isn’t cold enough to break out a winter coat, but cold enough that you need more than one layer, there’s the Harris Tweed quilted jacket. The khaki coat with mustard and blue check scream autumn and works well for the season. Pair it with:

  • Navy tapered leg cotton chinos
  • Chelsea brown boots with a rubber sole
  • Gold button-down cotton cord shirt
  • Casual navy belt

5 Ideal For Layers

Autumn is unpredictable at times, and layering is the only way to beat fall at her own game. The top layer you choose should be the wool check Breedon Pure in khaki with wine and navy overcheck.

Comfortable, stylish and stunning, this single-breasted jacket pairs well with brown suede chukka boots, camel twill trousers, blue and beige button-down collar shirts and a navy lambswool zip neck. You’re now ready for any type of weather. Wear all of the layers for cold weather and take them off, one by one as it gets warmer.

If you wish to tweak and twist this outfit for good, then try on those tweed trousers that have been hanging inside your wardrobe for way too long. Tweed pants deserve some credit, especially when they help you blend stylishly with Autumn’s scenery. 


Caring for Your Men’s Tweed Jackets

Tweed jackets are worn all year, depending on the temperature. Because it’s such a staple in your wardrobe for those casual events, it’s important that you take care of it. Here are a few ideas.

  • Storage- Keep your tweed jacket in a climate-controlled environment with low humidity. High humidity can damage the suit. For long-term storage, place in a cedar chest or wrap in plastic. This helps keep moths away and prevent them from chewing on the wool.
  • Hanging- Use wooden hanger to hang your tweed jackets. While they may be slightly expensive, they are worth it. They reduce creases and wrinkles while helping keep the shape of the jacket’s shoulders. Many wood hangers know come with no-slip bars as well, letting you include the jeans or chinos you want to wear with the jacket without fear of them falling to the ground.
  • Spot Treat- You’re human. Stains happen. When they do, try to spot treat them right away. Remember to always look at the label first though. The label will tell you a lot about what you can do to the jacket. All tweed jackets are dry clean only. If you have to wash it or can’t get a stain out, take it to the professionals.
  • Ironing- Unless the maintenance label specifically says that you can iron the tweed, don’t. You might ruin the fabric. Thankfully, tweed is a very sturdy wool fabric that is resistant to wrinkles. It maintains its texture and shape well, so it doesn’t often require ironing as long as you take care of it.


Look Good in Tweed Jackets

Tweed is a versatile type of clothing. With the right care and pairing it with the right clothing, you can create outfits that make you look brilliant in any situation.

By Brook Taverner