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How to Dress for the Symphony

After a few weeks of shy conversations and intimate looks across the office, you've finally gathered enough courage to ask a beautiful woman out on a date. You don't want this to just be any date, though. She's not the type of woman who will be impressed with a super casual date, and you don't want to have that kind of date anyway. You want a romantic, impressive evening that she'll never forget.

Luckily for you, the London Symphony Orchestra can provide just that. Here's the plan:


  • First, you'll pick her up in your car, which has been washed and cleaned inside and out. You'll open the door for her as well, tapping into those long forgotten gentlemanly skills.


  • Next, you'll have dinner on Old Street, at a restaurant where you have made previous reservations. This street is right across from the London Symphony Orchestra St Luke's, so you'll have quick access to the building and won't have to rush through dinner.


  • Then, you'll attend the concert. You'll have booked the tickets in advance so you don't have to rely on extras being available at the door. The two of you will take your seats and enjoy a beautiful and romantic concert.


  • After the symphony, you'll both take a walk to a cafe at the Barbican Centre for some hot chocolate or coffee and good conversation.


Sound great? Before you walk out the door, there's one more thing that you really need to consider before you go on this romantic date to the symphony: what you'll wear.


Dressing for the Symphony

It can be hard sometimes to determine whether or not to wear a tweed jacket or men's suits to an event like the symphony, and we can understand why. With many symphonies these days, including the London Symphony Orchestra St Luke's, giving up their dress code, the previous rules that were laid out in front of you may be harder to grasp.


Fortunately, no rules means you'll be able to dress the way you want to and stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips on how to do it.


  • Wear Blue- Most of us think of the symphony as a well-dressed kind of place. While you may be tempted to go for the ultra formal black suits and trousers, we think you should focus on another colour: blue. Blues like navy and cobalt melt together in terms of the colour spectrum. They may be a bit brighter and more energetic than your normal business suits, but they are also still conservative enough for a romantic and formal date.


  • Texture is in- Looking your best is important when you're trying to impress a first date, and that means you have to forgo those boring, conservative shoes. They may help you get ahead at the office, but when it comes to this date, you want to show off your exciting side. Do this by choosing brogues with interesting design details or even a chunkier silhouette. There's no way she could possibly think you're boring in shoes like these.


  • Try a Men's Tweed Jacket- Don't want to overdo it with men's suits? Consider choosing a more casual form of attire like a tweed jacket. Build your ensemble around the jacket, with a comfortable knit, dress shirt, and trousers like chinos or jeans. Just make sure the knit you wear is warm enough to be worn without the jacket, as you might want to drape your men's tweed jacket over her shoulders on the walk to the cafe.


  • Wear a Scarf- Years ago, silk scarves were a standard part of the evening wear used at symphonies. Why not throw back to yesteryear with this style?


Some Tips to Consider

  • While you aren't required to dress in men's suits or a tuxedo for most symphony events these days, that doesn't mean you should enter the concert looking unfit. If you decide to go the more casual route and wear a pair of jeans, make sure they are clean and presentable. You should also make sure you are clean and presentable as well in regards to your grooming choices.


  • On opening nights, and at some galas, tuxedos and suits will often be required. Take the time to find out before you book the tickets what you'll need to wear.


  • Always arrive early to the concert. This gives you plenty of time to pick up your tickets, visit the loo, and find your seat. At some symphony centres, there are also pre-concert events that take place in the lobby. Arriving early allows you to experience these events. If you do happen to arrive late, though, don't panic. You may miss a few moments of the concert, but will most likely be seated during a pause between performances.


  • Leave the cell phone in the car. Not only is it rude to those around you when your phone rings in the middle of the concert, but it's also rude to your date. Remember, you're trying to impress her. Spending time on your phone when you're supposed to be enjoying the moment with her is not going to make her happy. If you need to be reached in case of an emergency, just talk to the usher and let them know where you'll be sitting. If a call comes in, they will find you.


  • Don't record videos or take pictures during the symphony. This is simply to be respectful of the individuals performing, who may be distracted by flashing lights as you take a picture. In addition, recording the performance is actually illegal. If you want to remember the night forever, ask to purchase a CD of it. In fact, buy the CD for her. Every time she listens to it, she'll remember that magical night with you.


Thinking about going to the symphony? While there are many things you'll need to consider, make sure you make what you wear a priority. Dressing your best will not only ensure you'll look excellent for the concert, but will also be a sure way of impressing your date.

By Brook Taverner 17 November 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments