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Waistcoat And Jeans: 3 Looks For The Stylish Gentleman

Waistcoat And Jeans: 3 Looks For The Stylish Gentleman

Mastering your Outfit

Many times in life, a gentleman would come across situations that demand a dash of boldness when putting together a great outfit. Waistcoat and jeans, if done well, is an ensemble that will definitely give you a stylish edge, without jeopardizing elegance.

Choose the Occasion and Dress Accordingly to Each Season

Being conscious of the dress code required for certain occasions is paramount when deciding how to pair your waistcoat with jeans. Dressing accordingly to each season is also important to consider as each will demand different textures, fabrics and colours as well. If in the end, it all comes together -from shoulder to toes- you will be in the spotlight.

How to choose the perfect combination?

It all starts with immaculate fitting. Both your waistcoat and jeans need to highlight your figure. Make sure your waistcoat lies flat on your shoulders, has high armholes to give you freedom of movement and doesn’t have an excess of fabric. To ensure a great look, you will want to wear straight leg jeans, rather than going for a classic fit.

Waistcoat and jeans are a statement: choosing your style

As this is your key to upgrading your style, think of your waistcoat as the main piece in your outfit. The jeans you choose will give the “casual twist” you are aiming for, so by being playful and intrepid, you will make the most of the refined versatility this blend offers.

Classic and Edgy

When spending a day at the races or going to a Polo match, a classy yet trendy outfit made up of clear lines should be your go-to.

What about a Navy Blue Wool Waistcoat or a Yare Waistcoat together it with its Yare Tailored matching Jacket? Add a Stone New Orleans pair of straight leg jeans and you’ll stand out from the crowds.

If you are attending a more formal gathering, add a Spot Knitted Silk Tie.
Its texture will give a price winning touch to your ensemble. Autumn charm Autumn days call for earthy colours and soft textures.

A Teme Corn Waistcoat paired with a Fiora Pure Jacket and a Port New Orleans stretch jeans is a sophisticated combination, ideal for stepping into the new season with your best foot forward.

Laid back casual Any outfit that includes a Tweed Waistcoat is bound to turn heads.

To achieve the perfect relaxed, laid-back look, you should get a gorgeous pair of Denim jeans. Embrace the contrast between formal and casual.

Choose a Tweed Jacket on a palette that matches or complements the whole outfit. The final touches Be mindful of wearing the right shoes and accessories as in the end, that’s how you’ll attain the perfect look.

Either Porstwood Chelsea boots or Aoughtn Suede Chukka boots will do the trick of giving a classy - but casual - twist to this combination that’s becoming trendier every year.

Waistcoat and jeans may seem a variant only suited for experts, but every gentleman should include in his wardrobe this blend that provides a sophisticated versatility for many occasions. Guaranteed, it will become one of your favourite outfits once you learn the ins and outs of it!

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