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It’s Almost Summer! Plan Your Wardrobe to Ensure you Stay Cool

Spring is finally here, and we all know what that means: summer is just around the corner. With the summer heat looming, it’s time to start planning your wardrobe so you can keep cool while looking your best.

Dressing for the Heat

  • Wear an Undershirt- Many men think that because light coloured shirts are, well, light, they are the perfect option for a snazzy summer shirts worn beneath men’s suits or a tweed jacket. Light hues, however, have a tendency to be very revealing of sweat stains. Wear an undershirt that will help prevent sweat stains from ruining your good shirts.


  • Choose the Right Fabrics- When it comes to men’s suits, there’s a reason men reach for linen during the summer. This woven fabric is light and airy, and it minimises the surface area that comes in contact with your skin. This keeps you fresher and cooler longer. In an office setting, linen may not be professional-looking enough, though. If this is the case for you, consider choosing men’s suits made from fabrics like cotton, cotton blends, seersucker, and wool blends. These are comfortable and cool options as well.


  • Wear Your Tweed- Men’s tweed jackets are generally reserved for the cooler days of fall and winter, but they be worn year-round if you know how to do it. When mixing a tweed jacket with a season like summer, think carefully about the colour you choose. Dark browns and greys tend to be the style of fall and winter, while light greys and greens are more appropriate hues for summer. Also limit the time in which you wear your tweed jacket to the cooler evenings or on overcast days. Wearing tweed in the midst of the afternoon sun may be too hot.


  • Lose the Accessories- If ever there was a time to minimise your wardrobe, it would be summer. Ditch the bulky watches, cufflinks, and pocket kerchiefs whenever possible; they tend to be sweat magnets when it’s hot out, which prevents them from doing their job: making you look good.


  • Choose Light Colours- When deciding on the colour of your ensemble, try to choose colours of lighter hues. Light colours reflect light, which means you’ll be cooler and more comfortable in them. You may not always have the option to wear light grey men’s suits or light blue dress shirts, but when you do, take advantage of it. Remember to wear an undershirt, however, as these lighter colours tend to be very revealing when it comes to sweat stains.


  • Choose Half Lined- No matter how hot it is, sometimes you have to wear a suit or jacket to work. To keep cool, be careful what jacket you choose. Fully lined jackets trap in heat and, while perfect for winter, can make you miserable in the summer. Choose half lined jackets for this season instead; they are breathable and keep you cooler.


Are you looking forward to summer? Before it gets here, take some time to plan and purchase the suits, men’s tweed jackets, and dress shirts you’ll need to beat the temperatures.

By Brook Taverner 14 April 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments