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Kim’s Engaged! What Kanye was Wearing (and Wardrobe Choices for Your Proposal)

On Monday, October 21st, people around the world were checking their twitter and catching the news, just waiting for a glimpse of Kim Kardashian’s new engagement ring. News of the engagement came as a shock, but was well-received by fans across the globe. The proposal occurred at AT&T Park on Kim’s 33rd birthday, and featured over one hundred friends, family, and members of the E network.


Kanye West is a man who doesn’t do anything halfway, and that was evident when he got down on one knee in the middle of a ball park and in front of a 50 piece orchestra belting out the tune, ‘Young and Beautiful’ from ‘The Great Gatsby.’ 75 Roman candle were set off, family and friends ran out onto the field, and the night was filled with dancing and celebration after Kim said ‘yes.’


The proposal wasn’t casual in the least, either. According to the party planner that was hired to oversee the surprise event, Kanye wasn’t allowing anyone to slack off on their attire. Kim wore a beautiful Valentino dress, and the rest of the guests wore appropriate formal attire as well. Kanye wore suede leather boots and a tux jacket.


What to Wear to Propose


You may not have the money or connections Kanye has, but that doesn’t mean your proposal can’t be just as surprising and brilliant as his. And, while you may have the details worked out on when and where, it is essential that you determine the ‘wear’ of the proposal.


Why? Consider for a moment what this moment is. It’s a memory, one of the best ones you will have in your life. When you look back and tell the story, you want it to be special. That means taking care of every single detail, including your attire.


Choosing an ensemble for that perfect evening won’t be easy. The trick is to look for that Goldilocks outfit. You remember that story from when you were younger, don’t you? Your attire shouldn’t be too formal, shouldn’t be too casual, but should be just right.


  • Be Comfortable- That doesn’t mean putting on sweat pants. It means finding an ensemble that you feel like yourself in. For many men, this may their favourite suit and tie or a tweed jacket and a nice pair of chinos.


  • Be Normal- If you wear something out of the ordinary, the surprise of the proposal is going to be in jeopardy, so think carefully about what you put on. If you don’t normally wear suits and ties, don’t wear them now. Or, if wearing men’s suits makes you feel more comfortable with the proposal, consider a cover story. Perhaps you finally got a reservation at her favourite restaurant and it requires a jacket and tie.


  • Be Photogenic- Remember that this is not only a memory that will last a lifetime, but it may actually be a memory that is captured forever, for everyone to see. That’s right; even if you don’t invite the future in-laws, there still may be someone nearby who decides your proposal is the perfect updated status for their Facebook wall. Make sure you look good and photo-ready.


Having trouble deciding what to wear for your proposal? Take a page from Kanye; dress up, but be comfortable with what you wear, whether that includes men’s tweed jackets, suits, or a polo shirt. Be confident in your attire and she will be confident in you.

By Brook Taverner 25 November 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments