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4 Things Men Can Learn From Women’s Fashion

You’ve spent years developing your own personal style. You’ve invested time, money, and effort into men’s suits, tweed jackets, and accessories, and you’re closet is proof of that. Every day, you make conscious decisions about what to wear and what not to, all in an effort to look good and feel confident.


Still, after so many years, it’s hard to feel as passionate about men’s clothing as you were when you first began. After all, your research and effort has led you to uncover almost every style rule; now it all just comes as second nature to you. Fortunately, there’s a new change in attitude coming your way from a strange, but innovative source: women’s fashion. No, I’m not saying you should don a skirt and blouse. I’m simply saying there are lessons that can be learned from the way women approach fashion.


The crossover between these two world is closer than you think.


What You Can Learn From Women’s Fashion


  • More Innovation- Men’s fashion is full of rules on how to dress and how not to. This isn’t exactly the case with women. Girls have no problem with mixing and matching casual and formal attire, colours, and patterns. Why? Because they don’t restrict themselves the way men do. They love to experiment and create the perfect, balanced look. Men can do this too with simple clothing choices. Maybe you can finally step away from wearing a white shirt with your men’s suits or tweed jacket; perhaps it’s time to integrate a bit of colour. Or maybe it’s as simple as choosing a different types of shoes to wear with your suits.


  • Muted Colour Stories- Most men these days seem to alter between two different colour modes: bright and bold or monochromatic and boring. If you were to look around at the women in your office, you’d notice their colour schemes aren’t so restrictive. Want to learn something from women’s fashion? Explore the middle ground of colour; choose muted, complementing or contrasting combinations that really stand out.


  • Texture is Essential- While some men have begun to realise the importance of seasonal materials, others like to stick within their comfort zone all year round. This isn’t the best option, and it’s definitely not what a woman would do. Make the change and experience the comfort of choosing a seasonal texture. Men’s tweed jackets work well in fall and winter, linen blends keep you cool in summer, and wools keep you warm and cosy during winter and spring.


  • Don’t Play it Safe- What type of work do you do? No matter what your job description, there’s a safe bet you’re stuck in a uniform most of the day. Even if you’re the CEO of a company, you still have a uniform: the power suit. On your day off, this ensemble may feel comfortable and safe, but does it really suit your style? Women don’t think so; they like to have fun. They may be the preppy business woman at the office, but they aren’t afraid to show off their personality when the work is done. You can do the same. Trade in those chinos and button-down shirts for trousers and a men’s tweed jacket or three piece men’s suits. Make bold choices.


The next time you feel as if your style isn’t as exciting as it used to be or that you’ve run out of inspiration, consider tapping into a difficult, but useful market like women’s fashion. You never know what you can learn.

By Brook Taverner 1 November 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments