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Let’s Talk About Fit: How to Know When it’s Right

The main problem most men have when they choose the clothing in their wardrobe is fit. Many believe that purchasing men’s suits, trousers, and tweed jackets “a little big” will help them cover up areas on their body they don’t like easier and ensure no article of clothing is ever too tight.


The simply isn’t the case.


In reality, whether you’re wearing a pair of trousers, suits, or a men’s tweed jacket, fit is everything. A well fitted garment will look good and feel even better. Are your trousers a little too baggy? Are the shoulders of your suit jacket a bit too wide? Here’s how to tell whether or not you have the right fit for any garment you wear.


Suits, Tweed Jackets, and Trousers: Finding the Right Fit


  • Shoulders- When you first try on a new suit, you should carefully consider how the shoulders look and feel. The padding should end where your shoulder ends. The jacket needs to rest naturally on the shoulders, and your sleeves should be hanging straight down. This is the correct fit; if you notice anything different, visit your tailor.


  • Chest- The type of fit varies here, depending on what you prefer. Some men prefer a slimmer fit; this means that when your tweed jacket or suit is fastened, there is just a bit of pull at the top fastened button. If you prefer a looser fit, a flat hand should fit comfortable inside the jacket when it is fastened. If you can place your entire fist inside the jacket, it’s too big.


  • Length- Suits and tweed jackets should generally be long enough to cover your bottom. The easiest way to determine if the length is correct is to put your arms at your side and curl your fingers in, grasping the bottom of the jacket. If it doesn’t bunch up, it is the right length. You can go shorter, as shorter jackets are quite trendy now, but avoid choosing a jacket that is too short as this isn’t a good look.


  • Collar- When you put on men’s suits and men’s tweed jackets, there shouldn’t be a gap between the collar on the jacket and the collar on your shirt. The jacket collar should rest comfortably on the latter. If there is a gap, the suit is most likely a size too large.


  • Sleeves- Sleeve length can be very confusing for men, as trends often make it difficult to keep up with ‘what’s right.’ If you want to avoid confusion, avoid the trends and stick to the classics. The sleeves on your jacket should meet the base of the thumbs, and the sleeves on your dress shirt should extend about one and a quarter centimetres past the jacket sleeves.


  • Trousers- Trouser should fit comfortably around the waist and should be able to stay up on their own without the help of suspenders or belts. If you want a break at the shoes, be sure the hem of the trousers ends about halfway down your shoe’s heel. Any more and the trousers will bunch around the ankle and look as if they are too big.


Not sure if your trousers, men’s suits, or men’s tweed jackets are too big? Use these tips to determine if you’re choosing the right fit for your clothing and always look your best.

By Brook Taverner 9 December 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments