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Our Top 5 Most Versatile Suits

When you’re a teenager or student at University, you might not need to own a single suit. However, once you enter the adult world, you begin to experience moments that require a suit. Even if your office has a casual dress code, other occasions, such as weddings, funerals and interviews demand a suit.

At first, you may only be able to purchase one suit, so you want one that’s versatile, that will work for almost any occasion. Luckily, we have quite a few options.

The Black, Machine-Washable Suit

Our Cassino black tailored-fit suit should be one of the first suits you purchase for every-day use. These suits are machine-washable, which means you can wear it almost every day. Thanks to the solid black fabric, no one will know you’re wearing the same suit over and over again. The Cassino is also wrinkle and crease resistant, which means you’ll always show up looking sharp.

This suit is extremely versatile. With a standard white dress shirt and tie, you’re ready for a funeral or a wedding. Pair it with a tee shirt and Chelsea boots, you can easily look the part at an art show. It works especially well for occasions at night, when more formal attire is preferred for most occasions. The black suit, also with a black tie and white dress shirt, is ideal for a night at the opera or a charity event.

If you need to wear the suit to the office, put your best foot forward and combine the black suit with patterned shirts in neutral colours and a deep red tie. You’ll look like you’re ready for a promotion as soon as you walk through the doors.

Charcoal Grey Suit

One of the most classic and versatile suits available is the charcoal grey suit, like the Dawlish charcoal birdseye suit. Made from Merino wool, the suit is practical, warm, breathable and stylish.

When choosing a charcoal grey suit, choose a solid suit over a patterned one. Solid suits are much more versatile. If you only have one suit, it’s much less noticeable to others if you wear the same suit over and over again.

Charcoal grey suits work well with a variety of colours, so you can mix and match with various dress shirts and ties for a different look. The suit works well in almost any occasion too, including:

  • Funerals
  • Weddings
  • Networking events
  • The office
  • Job interviews

While it’s dark, it isn’t quite as dark as black, which makes you appear more approachable to others.

Pinstripe Suit

Men that rarely wear suits generally pick a charcoal grey or black suit and end there. If, however, you work in a professional workplace and want to climb the corporate ladder, the pinstripe suit is what you want to wear. Pinstripe suits show confidence, is a bit flashy, but also extremely professional.

While the pinstripe may be bold, it’s able to take on bold elements. Pair it with a patterned tie or a printed shirt for savvy look. You can also combine it with casual clothing, like polo shirts or knitwear. It’s a hit both in the office and on date night.

The Tweed Suit

If you think a tweed suit should be reserved for use in the country, you’d be wrong. While tweed jackets and trousers look exceptional against a wooded country background, they are versatile pieces that work elsewhere in your life- even in the big city.

One use of the tweed suit is on a date during fall or winter. Consider the Hewett tweed check suit. The wine and mocca check set you up for a beautiful look. Combine it with a light blue shirt and wine-coloured tie for a sharp look.

Tweed suits tend to pair well with bright colours that you might not wear with other types of suits. Pinks, reds, blues and greens all look exceptional. The wool material of the tweed suit keeps you warm through the winter, but is also appropriate for spring, autumn and even cooler summer nights.

The Navy Suit

Navy suits are some of the best suits you can choose from, even if you’re just starting out. They look great on almost anyone who wears them. These suits ten to have a more youthful vibe, which makes them perfect for social events like professional parties, charity events and networking events. They also work well for weddings too and can even be worn to a funeral in a pinch.

Navy is very versatile and works well with many different colours, but especially pinks, reds and purples. While it isn’t as versatile as a charcoal grey or black suit, it is still one of the most important suits you can have in your wardrobe.

Other Things to Consider When Buying Suits

If you’re buying suits for every day use, be sure to buy more than one. While a washable suit does make it easier to clean and re-wear a suit often, wearing the same suit every day will wear it down quickly. Suits are an investment, and you want to make sure they last as long as they possibly can. Give your suit at least 24 hours after wearing or cleaning to return to its original shape.

If you’re just starting out, purchase a charcoal grey suit first, then follow up with a black, navy and eventually tweed suit. The charcoal grey is the most versatile, which means you can use it until you find yourself ready to purchase more.

When buying a pinstripe suit, consider your local climate. A darker suit made of wool will keep you warmer in cool weather. A light grey suit with pinstripes will keep you cool in warm weather.

Finding the right suit for your need is extremely important, but so is finding one that is versatile. You never know where you’ll be asked to go or what events you may need to attend. Make sure you have a suit that’s worthy and capable of fulfilling your needs, no matter what they are.

By Brook Taverner