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Ready to Update Your Wardrobe? 5 Style Tips to Ignore

In today’s world, it’s easy to find pretty much anything you want to on the internet. This is especially true when it comes to style advice. Many men these days don’t even consider choosing an outfit without consulting the holy grail of advice that is the World Wide Web. Because, if it’s on the internet, it must be true, right?


Despite style tips scattered over blogs, forums and even your Facebook page, not every idea out there is going to make you look your best on a first date or give you the confidence to command the attention of a boardroom. In fact, some ideas are just bizarre. Some are questionable. And some, you should just ignore.


Style Tips to Ignore


Figuring out what to take and what to leave when it comes to style tips can be difficult. Some may look right on the surface, but the more you think about them, the more you question them. Here are just a few you should ignore, whether you’re a newbie to men’s fashion or a seasoned clothing expert.


Never Follow Fashion Trends- It’s smart to tread carefully when it comes to fashion trends. Many come and go quickly in the blink of an eye. However, not all of them disappear forever. After all, we wouldn’t have the classic style and clothing choices we do today if someone hadn’t made them a trend in the past. When choosing your most essential items, like suits, tweed jackets and blazers, it’s important to go with the classics- the items that will last.


But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should ignore the trends altogether. No, you shouldn’t spend every bit of your money on this season’s wildest ideas. However, if you enjoy the idea of wearing grey or green hues or you wouldn’t mind donning a suede jacket, don’t be afraid to invest a little bit of money in these 2016 trends. They may not last for everyone, but you like the way you look in them and you actually look good in them, that’s all that matters.


Purchase Three Staple Items Every Season- This style idea was created to help men, especially those starting out in the world of fashion, to update their wardrobe and keep it looking fresh. The idea that you have to buy three staples each and every year is a bit off, though. Why not buy six or two? Does this mean if you see new men’s suits for sale online at Brooktaverner.co.uk, you can’t purchase them if you’ve already bought a suit jacket, a dress shirt and a tweed jacket that year?


Obviously not. This is one of those rules you should take with a grain of salt. The basis behind it is to update your wardrobe often and keep those few staples you need looking sharp. This means buying new versions of them every so often. Don’t take the rule literally, however. Three isn’t a magic number.


You Need a Pocket Square to be a Gentleman- We love pocket squares as much as the next guy. (Just check out our selection of pocket squares here.) But do we think they have anything to do with whether or not you qualify as a gentleman? Absolutely not. They may polish off your suit and give you the confidence to walk around like the gentleman and professional you are, but they won’t turn you into an upstanding citizen.


That’s a lot to ask of a piece of fabric. What does make you a gentleman is the way you act. Good etiquette and manners in every situation will go a lot further in showing everyone what a great man you are than a pocket square ever could.


Stop Trying Too Hard- This style rule was found in a list of top ten style tips for men. According to the list, trying too hard can make you look worse than if you didn’t try at all.


While there is some truth behind not putting too much effort into your wardrobe, there has to be at least some effort given if you’re going to look your best. What the writers of this style tip really meant to say is “don’t overdo it.” Keeping your wardrobe as simple as possible is always the best option. A few accessories here, a couple patterns and colours there, and you’re done. Wearing different colours from head to toe or wearing too many accessories can quickly get you into trouble.


Reduce Contrast to Minimise the Presence of Gynaecomastia- Gynaecomastia is a medical condition often referred to as “man boobs” or even (cringe) “moobs.” Many men experience this medical problem and go to great lengths to hide it with the optical illusion of dressing in the same colour from head to toe.


Unfortunately, this is just bad advice. Gynaecomastia is a condition that affects not only your appearance, but your self-esteem. If you suffer from it, the idea of dressing in one colour when wearing jeans, men’s suits and even tweed jackets and chinos isn’t going to change things. It won’t do much to hide the problem and will strip you of being able to put your own personal style into your wardrobe selection.


The only real solution to this medical problem is surgery. Believing the hype will only result in a cupboard full of the same coloured clothes.


With all the rules and tips for wearing, suits, jeans and men’s tweed jackets on the internet these days, it can be hard to know what to believe, what to follow and what to completely ignore. Sometimes it feels like these style doctors put very little effort into their ideas (ie: We found a tip online that said to bathe regularly. As this is very basic hygiene, its presence in the list offered no new information the average man could use.) or make things up (ie: Wearing similar colours to reduce the look of gynaecomastia.) In reality, your style should be your own. Sure, there are plenty of tips you can take advantage of, but take them each with a grain of salt. Think about what makes you look good and run with it.

By Brook Taverner 30 May 2016