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Seven Real Reasons You Should be Wearing a Watch

There came a point in history when pocket watches became annoying and time-consuming; it was during World War I. Soldiers didn’t have the time to fish through their many pockets just to figure out what time it was. Back then, it was considered to be feminine to wear a watch on your wrist. Initially, the trend for men to wear watches like a bracelet was laughed about. It was considered to be a silly trend. Over time, though, it became a normal, practical thing.

Twenty years ago, times began to change, however. Men began leaving their watches at home. After all, why did they need a watch when they could simply glance at their smart phone and see what time it was? Despite these changes, the watch is making a comeback, and for good reasons. Here are seven of them.

They’re Functional

This may seem completely obvious, but just think about it for a moment. Watches were inspired by the military. While they may act as the perfect accessories to your men’s suits or tweed jacket now, they are still just as function- and not just for telling time. Watches can handle the depths of the oceans and highs of the skies- places where your smart phone might not function as well.

One function of a wrist watch that you won’t find with a smart phone is its long-lasting battery. Your iPhone may stay powered for up to eight hours, but a watch can operate for a year or longer before you need to purchase another battery for it. Some watches are even self powered. In addition to this, many don’t require the maintenance a smart phone does.

Some watches also offer more functions than simply telling the time and date. Two common functions include acting as a stopwatch and displaying the lunar phase. There are even some that act as heart-rate monitors you can use to keep track of your heart rate when you’re exercising.

They’re Convenient

Many men consider their phone to be a convenient device when it comes to telling time. It isn’t so convenient (or appropriate-looking) when you’re constantly looking for your phone each time you need to determine what time it is.

When you’re looking sharp in your men’s suit at a Monday morning meeting or looking suave on your first date, pulling out your phone in the middle of these activities is simply rude. Having a wrist watch means you can quickly keep track of the time without seeming too obvious. On certain occasions, it’s also considered rude if you don’t keep your phone off or at least concealed, like a wedding or a funeral. Wearing a watch means you can still check the time.

Watches are Stylish

Love showing off your style? The right men’s tweed jacket, suit or pair of oxfords help you communicate your personality and fashion-sense to others, but so does a watch. In fact, in the world of men’s fashion accessories, a wrist watch is the most stylish item you can wear. It’s actually considered to be one of the most acceptable pieces of men’s jewellery, aside from cufflinks and a wedding band.

Your watch can say a lot about you. If you choose a high-class bit of bling, you tell others that you know exactly what to spend your money on and that you have it to spend. That isn’t the only option, though. There are plenty of masculine and timeless, yet understated watches to choose from as well.

They’re Art

A quality wrist watch is more than just a keeper of the time. It’s a work of art. These watches symbolise the intense and high-quality craftsmanship that went into them. While an analog watch may be a consistent and simple mechanism, when you look at it and consider it to be beautiful, you’re complimenting the creativity and style of the hard-working individuals who made it.

Think of it like you do your suits. A suit is a suit is a suit. That is, however, until you get into the underlying qualities of it. Its colour, fabric, fit and craftsmanship turn it into a part of your wardrobe that turns heads and makes you feel confident about yourself. The same can be said for the watch you choose.

They Offer Fewer Distractions

How many times have you picked up your phone to check the time, only to find yourself distracted by that latest text or post on Facebook? This may not be a problem when you’re sitting at home, but when you’re out with friends or on a first date, those distractions can be conversation killers. Avoid them by choosing the simplicity of a watch instead.

They Make Awesome Heirlooms

Want to give someone a great gift? Buy a watch. Want to leave someone you love a piece of your life they’ll treasure? Leave them a watch. They’ll remember you wearing it and will enjoy having it. It will be your legacy, something you can pass on to them that will show your care and love.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive watch to be a great heirloom, either. Watches from other eras that are passed down from generation to generation help you pass down values to those you love.

They Look Better With a Suit

When you’re wearing men’s suits, it can be difficult to carry around your phone. If it’s large enough, it might not fit into the pockets. At any size, it can create an unsightly-looking lump in your pocket that throws off your entire silhouette.

Everyone looks good in a watch. It adds an interesting element to your ensemble that people will notice and appreciate.

Whether you’re wearing a casual tweed jacket, men’s suits or a pair of stylish jeans, adding a watch to your ensemble can help you show off your personal style. Watches also make great heirlooms, create fewer distraction when you’re in important meetings or on a date and act as pieces of art that you wear on your wrist.

By Brook Taverner 9 November 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments