Six First Date Ideas Guaranteed to Win Her Over

She actually said yes. You walked up to her in your suave midnight blue pin-stripe suit, oozing confidence out of every pore and asked her out on a date. And she actually said yes. You’d been hoping for that answer, even if you were preparing for the worst. Now that you’ve sealed the deal, however, you’ve got some planning to do. Your first date is in just a few days, and there’s so much to consider. The right choices will determine whether she is won over or just over it.


First Date Ideas

First dates are often an endless cycle of having dinner or drinks at restaurants or pubs you’ve been to a million times. While this can be enjoyable, it isn't exactly unique or fun, and it isn’t going to be something she remembers for years unless you are either an excellent conversationalist or do something horribly wrong. So what do you do? Dating should be fun. It shouldn’t force you (or the person you’re dating) into choosing unheathly options. The following options are different. They’ll get you out of your comfort zone and give you a chance to bond with your new lady friend.


Create Your Own Ice Cream Social

This doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort. Simply visit one of the many yoghurt shops or stores in your area and sit down for some sweets and conversation. If you live in the London area, there are quite a few options to choose from, including Snog Frozen Yogurt on Garrick Street and Samba Swirl on Northcote Road. Not only is this option different, but you can learn a lot about a person from the topping they choose for their ice cream or yoghurt. Did she decorate it with rainbow sprinkles? She probably has a colourful and vibrant personality. Did she cover it with coconut shreds and fresh fruit? Being healthy is probably something she considers important. Store that information away for the second date. Did she mix her yoghurt with a mountain of chocolately biscuit dough? She’s someone who will be willing to pig out with you in front of the telly on a Friday night.


Do a Progressive Dinner

Sitting down for a three-course meal at a restaurant can feel stuffy and can lead to many lulls in the conversation. Overcome this by avoiding just one restaurant and choosing several- progressive dinner style. Know a restaurant that offers perfect chicken liver pate starters? Go there first. Then, grab her hand and go to your next destination for dinner, then dessert and maybe drinks.

Want to make things even more romantic? If the restaurants are close enough, walk hand-in-hand to each one. For a little bit of fun, mix things up by changing into different outfits between each one. At the restaurant you choose for dinner, three-piece men’s suits may be perfect, while a manly tweed jacket may be the perfect dessert attire for the end of the date.


Orchestrate a Scavenger Hunt

Want to make sure your date is memorable? Make a list of a few things you’ve been meaning to try and create your own scavenger hunt! Make it as complicated or simple as you want, but have fun with it. Take back those memories you had when you were children playing. This idea is ideal for both night and day dates. When you both get tired of playing, simply stop and grab a drink or a meal together and laugh about the fun you had.


Visit the Zoo

Want a unique date that she’ll always remember? Take her to the zoo. It’s a beautiful place to relive your childhood while getting to know each other on a whole new level. Set aside an entire Saturday or Sunday to visit the London Zoo, Whipsnade Zoo, Drusillas Zoo Park, Sea Life London Aquarium or Chester Zoo.

While you may be tempted to go completely casual for this date, keep in mind that you’re on a date. Semi-casual is a better option, with chinos, a tweed jacket and a nice shirt. Check the weather for the day, and if it is supposed to be cold, wear a long-sleeve shirt so you can hand over your men’s tweed jacket if she becomes chilly.

One of the best parts about this date is there is no shortage of conversational topics. If you grow uncomfortable talking about yourself or asking her about herself, simply switch the conversation to the animals for a while. Laugh at the way the monkeys play and share a few giggles as the dolphins splash you.


Take a Ballroom Dancing Class

What’s more romantic than moving arm-in-arm to beautiful music? Even if you have two left feet, consider this option for your first date. You’ll not only learn a new skill, but you’ll have the chance to learn something new while holding the girl of your dreams close to you.

Set the mood from the start of the date with your attire. Men’s suits are essential for this dating option. A dark blue or black suit is the most appropriate, complete with a white dress shirt, black oxfords and a few choice accessories. Remember, she’ll be dressing up for the dance lessons as well, and you have to match her style so you both can look your best. Just keep in mind that the date should be within both of your comfort zones, and if you’ve never had any experience with it, you should stick to the beginner classes.


Play Truth or Dare

This may sound a little old school, but it can actually be fun. Start with some drinks at your favourite bar or pub, then start the game. Keep it as simple as you’re comfortable with (and be careful about those dares!) Choosing a few truths can help you get to know her a little better, and her you. If all goes well with the date, dare her to kiss you at the end of the night and see what happens.

Looking to win her over on your first date? Don’t do dull and predictable. Make your first date one that’s memorable by choosing something fun and unique to do. Just make sure you’re dressed appropriately for each activity, whether it requires a tee shirt, men’s suits or a men’s tweed jacket.

By Brook Taverner 23 November 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments