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Steal His Style: Eddie Redmayne

You’ve seen his films, you’ve idolised his attire on the red carpet and you envy his career. Women love him and men want to be him, and really, isn’t that the reality most men dream about? Eddie Redmayne has played countless roles on television, in theatre and in films, but his role as style icon is perhaps the best. If you want to borrow a bit of the sparkle that makes him so attractive, consider taking a page from his style playbook and dressing the part. You can achieve the same looks with the right men’s suits and attire.


Eddie Redmayne: Early Years

Eddie Redmayne was born Edward John David Redmayne on 6 January 1982 in London. His father was a businessman, Richard Charles Tunstall Redmayne and his mother’s name was Patricia. He has four brothers and sisters.

Growing up, Eddie Redmayne was very interesting in drama and acting. His parents were encouraging. He went to Colet Court, then attended Eton College. At Eton, he was in the same year as Prince William. After graduating, he went on to attend Trinity College, Cambridge, where studied the history of art and graduated in 2003 with Honours.



Redmayne began his professional career in 2002 when he appeared on the stage for Twelfth Night as the character Viola. This play was held at the Middle Temple Hall. Later in 2004, he was in The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? for which he won the Outstanding Newcomer award and the Best Newcomer award.

Eddie wasn’t always a full-time actor. In 2008 and 2012 he was a model for Burberry. In 2012 he appeared in Vanity Fair on the International Best Dressed List. Three years later he was named one of the 50 Best Dressed British Men by GQ.

His career didn’t stop there. He appeared in several other plays, including Red at both the Donmar Warehouse and on Broadway where he won an award as well. His film career began in 2006 in Like Minds. He has since appeared in others like Powder Blue, The Other Boleyn Girl, Glorious 39, Savage Grace, and, most in 2015, Jupiter Ascending alongside Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum. While he may have played a villain in Jupiter Ascending, however, his personality and style is nothing short of heroic.


Steal His Style

After his appearance as a model and in television, plays and films, there’s no doubt that Redmayne knows style. He knows how to look like a leading man in whatever ensemble he chooses, whether it’s a suit or a casual tweed jacket and jeans. How does he do it? Here are a few of his secrets.


  • Mixing it Up- One thing Eddie Redmayne is known for is his evening wear. Whether he’s wearing a tuxedo or a dark suit, he knows how to look good on the red carpet. While his look is traditional and appropriate, however, he has a habit of mixing things up by changing one item in the ensemble. Sometimes he chooses a different colour or fabric. Other times he removes his cummerbund. It’s a subtle, but skilful change to the traditional that helps him stand out among his peers.


  • Different Coloured Suits- When it comes to wearing suits, Eddie makes some bold choices, but that’s what makes him a style icon. He’ll choose different colours, materials or patterns that make him stand out, but he’ll also make sure to keep the rest of his look simple and classic. This helps the outfit seem bold, but not overwhelming.


  • He Trusts His Tailor- When you first purchase men’s suits, tweed jackets or blazers, they may not automatically fit you appropriately. Everyone has a different body type and you must conform the suit to yours. That’s where your tailor comes in. A good tailor knows how to alter a suit to give you a kingly fit. It may not take much, but even a few millimetres can make all the difference in your look.


  • Be Confident- One reason Redmayne looks so good in the many suits he wears is because he feels comfortable in them. He knows they look good on him, and that helps to boost his self-confidence. We’re rewarded with an easy, charming smile that takes his appearance to an entirely new level. According to a recent interview, he finds suits to be like armour that helps him face photographers and improves his posture. You can do the same with anything you wear. Find the fabrics, colours and cuts that make you look your best and simply enjoy them. Your confidence will add a whole new layer to the ensemble.


  • Prepare to be Casual- Not every event requires men’s suits. However, if you don’t know if an event you’re attending will need a more formal look or not, copy what Redmayne does. He wears a soft knitwear item beneath his suit. If he finds an event is more casual than anticipated, he simply takes off the suit jacket. Because he is prepared for the situation, he remains comfortable and confident in any surroundings.


  • Cast Yourself- One of the most important aspect of dressing your best is how you feel about every item of men’s clothing you wear. When it comes to this, Eddie has offered one piece of advice: Always cast yourself as the star. If you want to be the leading man at work, in your love life or just walking down the street, dress like one. Don’t sell yourself short by following the crowd. Be yourself and let that independence shine through with the suits and clothing you choose for yourself.


There are many things you can learn from Eddie Redmayne. It isn’t just style. It’s a way of life. When you’re modelling your look after this leading man, remember to be yourself. That’s what his wardrobe says about him. He’s one of a kind and stands out in a crowd of leading men, even when he’s playing a villain. Be confident in who you are and use that confidence to rock some well-fitting statement suits or knitwear.

By Brook Taverner 11 January 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments