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Steal His Style: Daniel Sturridge

As a professional footballer, Daniel Sturridge has captured the hearts and loyalty of many. Born in Birmingham, he now plays for Liverpool. He’s also a part of the Striker of England National Team. His professional career began when he was young, playing local games in Birmingham. For a while he did it only for fun, but he soon realised he had the talent and the skills to go much further. The first team he played for professionally was Aston Villa, then he moved on to Coventry City. After a few months of playing for this team, he signed on to Manchester City. By 2007, he was the only player ever to score a goal in the Premier League, FA Cup and FA Youth Cup.

In 2009, he left Manchester City and became a player for Chelsea. During this time he also played for the Bolton Wanderers on loan, scoring eight goals while on the team. It wasn’t until 2013 that he signed for Liverpool, taking his career to entirely new levels.

While each of us admire him on the field, it isn’t just his football career we follow. His style off the pitch is just as impressive and something many of us desire to copy. Thankfully, you can do this easily with the right suits, jackets and style tips.


Stealing the Sturridge Style

Daniel Sturridge’s Instagram is something to admire, and we aren’t the only ones taking notice. In fact, he’s signed on to a major clothing distributor as an ambassador. While there are many times when Europe’s best striker is marred slightly by injuries he receives on the pitch, that doesn’t stop him from looking his best always. He’s a trendsetter and a style icon, and some cuts and a bit of bruising isn’t going to get in his way.


Going Casual

Liverpool’s striker has mastered the art of casual attire. In fact, even when there are paparazzi following him everywhere, he’s able to look cool and collected. There are a few different reasons for this, and some tips that can help you copy the look.


  • Invest in a Good Pair of Jeans- This is a casual staple no man should be without. They go with almost anything; dress them down with a tee shirt or dress them up with a polo or a tweed jacket. No matter what, always make sure they are expertly tailored. Jeans should fit well, but shouldn’t be rigid on the legs and prevent you from moving around easily.


  • Show off Your Personality When You Can- As a footballer, Daniel spends most of his time in a uniform or in a men’s suit picked out for the entire team. When he has a chance, he does his best to show off his style. You may be stuck in a uniform all day as well for your job. When you get out and about, don’t be afraid to show off your personality with a bit of your own style.


  • Seasonal Fabrics Keep You Comfortable- Different fabrics work in different ways. Some, like wool, keep you warm and comfortable during winter. Others, like linen, are breathable and light for summer wear. Choose your fabrics carefully when it comes to both casual and formal clothing.


  • Have a Go-To Outfit- Sturridge leans on his go-to outfit of plain jeans and a plain t-shirt mixed with either a dark blazer or a bomber jacket. This isn’t just because he has nothing else to wear. He’s found his style and what he likes to wear when he’s keeping it casual. Having this in mind saves him time and lets him focus on the details, like the colours and patterns he wants.


Upgrading to Formal

While we often see him in casual wear, that doesn’t mean Sturridge doesn’t know how to dress up for special occasions. With a few of these style tips, you can soon look like him as well.


  • Always Check the Fit- The size of your clothes should be appropriate for your body- always. Buying a size too big or a size too small can make you seem scuffy, out-of-sorts and like you don’t know how to dress yourself. If you aren’t sure of your size, buy a little big. Whether it’s a dress shirt, a suit or a men’s tweed jacket, a professional tailor can work wonders on it.


  • Keep it Classic- If you’ve seen Daniel’s Instagram or his pictures in your favourite gossip magazine, you know black is a colour he’s often seen in. This isn’t because he just like the colour. He chooses it because it makes him feel confident and he loves how classic the colour is. Black also makes you look slim and combines nicely with many other colours.


  • Be Confident- If you don’t normally wear men’s suits, you may feel a little odd and out of place the first time you put one on. Or even the seventeenth time you put one on. The key to looking your best in this type of attire isn’t just choosing the right fabric, picking out the best accessories or getting your tie to lie perfectly straight and flat, however. The key is to be confident. Own that suit. Know that you look awesome in it, and don’t let anything put doubts in your mind.


Dress for Success- Dress Like Sturridge

There’s one last tip we’d like to pass along that has nothing to do with the fit or colour of your attire: grooming. In interviews, Sturridge likes to point out that he considers his grooming routine to be one of importance. It affects how he looks and how he feels, whether he’s on the pitch or in a suit at a dinner. His grooming routine is simple, as yours should be. He showers and moisturises daily, keeps his facial hair in check and use only a small amount of cologne.

Want to look like Daniel Sturridge and have the confident and air of one of England’s best footballers? Use these tips to get his look.

By Brook Taverner 18 July 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments