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Steal His Style: David Gandy

He’s one of the most recognisable faces in the world. You’ve probably seen him in a television advertisement, magazine ad, or even in Dolce & Gabbana’s 208 page photographic book. He’s David Gandy, one of the most famous runway models in the world. As one of the most sartorial men of our time, he’s adored by women and envied by men- and you can steal his style.

David Gandy: His Rise to Fame

It was in 2001 when Gandy (born David James Gandy) was given his big break. He was invited to be part of a competitive model search on ITV’s This Morning. A university housemate had entered Gandy into the competition, and the result was a contract provided by an agency known as Select Model Management.

At 21, the competition winner began humbly, but soon established himself with the modelling community. This was impressive, as the majority of male models during those days had skinny, female-like bodies, and Mr. Gandy did not with his archetypically Italian appearance. It wasn’t long before he was not only accepted as a top model, but as a celebrity that everyone knew and loved.

In 2006, Dolce and Gabbana named Gandy their ‘muse.’ Shortly after, he because the face of their Light Blue fragrance. The campaign for the fragrance made him famous. Everyone around the world knew who he was. The brand loved the result and continued to employ him through 2011 for various campaigns and one 280 photographic book.

Over the years, he’s been the face of a number of brands and cover of several fashion magazines. In 2012, at the London Olympic Games, however, he made history. During the opening ceremony, he was the only man on the catwalk. During this year he also appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show and was the first male model to every be interviewed on the show. He was also nominated by the British Fashion Council for Model of the Year.

David Gandy- The Style Behind the Suits

With his success, fame, and looks, it’s no wonder that many men want nothing more than to be a little bit like David Gandy. Luckily, that’s easy to do. Gandy has a definitive style that almost any man can pull off: masculine and minimal. What does this mean?

Gandy focuses on the fit of his men’s suits, shirts, and trousers. Everything he wears is tailored to perfection. He chooses masculine colours for the majority of his attire as well, like browns, blacks, deep reds, and blues. Whether he’s wearing a tweed jacket, jeans, or suits, every item of clothing accents the fact that he’s a man.

David also keeps it simple when it comes to accessories; he doesn’t want the fit, colour, and style of his tweed jacket or men’s suits to be overshadowed by other items. The majority of the time, he rarely wears more than a tie, watch, and pocket kerchief.

Do you want to steal David Gandy’s style? Be confident in your body and your look. When it comes to your men’s tweed jacket, trousers, or men’s suits, focus on how they fit and don’t do anything to draw attention away from that. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become the next household name.

By Brook Taverner 20 January 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments