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Steal His Style: Dressing Like Tom Hardy

Born 15 September 1977, Tom Hardy’s full name is Edward Thomas Hardy. His original home was Hammersmith, London, but his parents raised him in East Sheen, London. Here he studied at Reed’s School, Tower House School and Duff Miller Sixth Form College. His love for acting turned him toward the Richmond Drama School, then the Drama Centre London. Since then, he’s been a part of our lives, providing us with entertainment on the big screen and also impressing us with his keen sense of style.

Tom Hardy’s Career

In 1998, Hardy became a part of the Drama Centre London. His time here didn’t last long, however. Shortly after joining, he won the part of John Janovec, and Army Private in the miniseries Band of Brothers on HBO. Soon after, his film debut took place in Black Hawk Down, a Ridley Scott film. After this, Tom’s career seemed to take off. He was a part of films like dot the I, Simon: An English Legionnaire, Star Trek: Nemesis and LD 50 Lethal Dose.

His career hasn’t just been amazing on film, however. He’s also made a splash on the stage. In 2003, in fact, he won the London Evening Standard Theatre Award for his performance in In Arabia We’d All be Kings and Blood, which were performed at the Hampstead Theatre and Royal Court Theatre.

Tom Hardy Style

While Hardy’s acting is superb, it’s not the only reason that men want to be him. Tom has classic, rugged good looks and a style that matches. While there are no doubt days when he wants to lounge around the house in sweats, you won’t find him looking grungy when he’s out and about. Even when it comes to casual clothing, his look is always on point.

So how does he do it? And how can you copy him? Here are a few key elements you need to consider when emulating his style.

Tom Hardy Casual

When it comes to his casual look, it appears that Tom Hardy has one rule: keep it simple. Don’t overthink it. That’s what makes the look so easy to steal. Think of clean lines and comfort for your casual style. Fit jeans, tees and comfortable footwear are simple and comfortable to wear. Step things up a notch by creating extra dimensions within the outfit with casual overshirts over the tee or a tweed jacket. These extra dimension make the ensemble more appealing and eye-catching.

Tom Hardy Formal

As with any Hollywood star, Tom has to dress formally often to attend red carpet events, charity events and other events that require formal attire. To pull off this look with class, Tom uses a couple of different strategies:

  • Fit- Fit is one of the most important parts of wearing a suit. The wrong fit can make even the best men’s suits look bad on your figure. To ensure your suit fits correctly, visit a professional tailor. He or she can take your suit in or let it out where necessary so it hangs correctly on your body.

  • Be Comfortable- It may take wearing suits a few times before you feel truly comfortable in any one you put on, but can you can trick the eye so you look like you’re more comfortable. It all has to do with your body language. Spread your feet a little, point your toes toward other people, rather than the door, and keep your hands comfortably by your sides instead of across your chest. This gives the impression that you’re not only comfortable in the situation and what you’re wearing, but also that you enjoy it.

  • Keep it Simple- Again, Tom doesn’t go for the bling when it comes to more formal wear. He likes his suits to be understated, but sophisticated. You’ll likely find him in a navy blue suit with a slim tie and crisp white dress shirt. He knows that standing out doesn’t always mean extra details, colours or patterns. It’s all about confidence in what you wear. When it does want to make a splash, he easily does so with a bright, but practical accessory, like a red scarf.

  • Three-Piece Suits- When he needs to go all out, Hardy is known for choosing the three-piece suit. It offers plenty of British charm and delivers an amazing silhouette on the red carpet. He mixes this fitted suit with plenty of accessories, like tie clips, patterned ties and pocket squares. He’s even been known to carry a gold pocket watch as well.

  • Warmth in Winter- When the seasons get colder, Tom Hardy stays warm with light trench coats over his darker suits. While it may not seem like much, the bright coat against the dark suit breaks up the gloom of winter while still looking fabulous.

At the After Party

After the red carpet event, Hardy ditches the accessories and ties and instead lets his statement pieces do all the work for him. Here you’re likely to find him wearing an unbuttoned white dress shirt with a blue cardigan and a grey tweed jacket.

Even when he’s ready to play, however, Tom always keeps a few things in mind. He always makes sure that his shoes are polished and shining. He always only unbuttons the top one or two buttons of his shirt. Any more and look quickly goes from ‘play boy’ to ‘oh no.’

Stay Practical

For Tom, many of his style choices aren’t simply about looking great (that’s just an added benefit,) they are about practicality. For his casual looks, he choose rugged shoes that will be ideal for hiking or just for going for a run. His formal looks include long scarves and trench coats during colder weather- not just because they look amazing, but because they keep him warm. Remember this and make practical choices when it comes to your menswear items as well.

Tom Hardy’s style can often be hard to copy, especially when it seems so unique. For the best results, let casual be casual and go all out when it comes to your formal wear.

By Brook Taverner 15 March 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments