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Steal His Style: Eddie Redmayne

Whether he's walking down the red carpet, or taking a stroll  through the city, one thing Eddie Redmayne never leaves at home is his impeccable sense of style.

Most popularly known by his award winning performance in the musical Les Miserables. Eddie Redmayne has quickly caught the attention of fashion gurus around the world.

What Makes His Style Different?

You may be wondering to yourself, "What makes Redmayne's style so different?" The answer is: Class.

Rather than following the latest trends or trying to make a bold statement, as many do when they embrace fame, Eddie has learned the art of dressing with classic style. A wardrobe marked by tweed jackets, waistcoats, pocket squares and remarkable suits sets Redmayne's style apart.

How to Steal Redmayne's Style

Now that we have explained exactly what it is that we love about Redmayne's style, you are probably wondering how you can go about recreating his look with your own wardrobe. There are a few main points to Redmayn'es style that make it outstanding to us.

  • Take Yourself into Consideration - It's difficult to stand out at an awards show, flooded with men in suits. However, Redmayne never fails to grab the attention of onlookers with such subtlety. How does he do this? Well, as you may have noticed, Redmayne has auburn hair, freckles and blue eyes. Instead of choosing items that would clash with his natural colour palette, Redmayne compliments the tones of his appearance with his clothing.


  • Act Casual - When wearing men's suit, or a shirt and trousers, it is important that you act casual. By this we mean, every button doesn't need to be buttoned, you don't always need to wear a tie, and don't be afraid to mix and match! Know when to be casual, and when to be formal. This will help you to feel more confident, and confidence is the key to style perfection.


  • Wear Tweed - The very best part about Eddie Redmayne's style is his affinity for tweed suits. Wherever he may be going, you can almost always find a piece of tweed clothing on him. Tweed is perfect for advancing your style to a new level of class and flawlessness. It says something about your character in a way that no other fabric does, or can. A man in tweed is thought to be more intellectual, sleek, chivalrous, and certainly of a heightened sense of style.


With these three points in mind, you'll have what it takes to achieve a new level of style perfection. The days of being limited to a basic shirt and trousers are behind you. Are you ready to start dressing like the gentleman you are? We have the men's suits and the tweed jackets you need to bring the style of Eddie Redmayne to your wardrobe! Our wide selection of colours and patterns is sure to meet the requirements of your specific needs.

By Brook Taverner 19 May 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments