Men Style Icons: How to Dress Like Gerard Butler?







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Men Style Icons: How to Dress Like Gerard Butler?

Gerard Butler is a leading man in the film industry, conquering several different genres all with staggering style. He broke hearts in P.S. I Love You and enthralled us with mystical and heroic stories when he played in Gods of Egypt and as the Spartan king in 300. While this Scotsman has the right look, it isn’t just his smile or his muscles that attract us to him and make us want to be more like him. It’s his style. Let’s take a look at what he does right when it comes to his wardrobe.

But first, a little more about this blockbuster king.

Gerard Butler: Early Life

Gerard James Butler was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland on 13, November 1969. When he was six months old, his family moved to Montreal, Quebec, but only for a short time. When his parents separated, his mother took him back to Scotland.

His schooling took place at St. Mirin’s & St. Margarets High School in Paisley, where he was named the head boy. He then gained entry to the University of Glasgow School of Law. During his teen years, he also went to the Scottish Youth Theatre. At 22, he received the news that his father has been diagnosed with cancer and lost the battle. Gerard suffered a deep depression at this time. During his final year of law school, Gerard dropped out, moving to California to live on Venice Beach. After a year of mishap and odd jobs, Butler returned to the law school to finish his degree.

When he graduated high school, he set off to become a lawyer. He soon realised that his heart just wasn’t in it, though. He wanted to be famous, wanted to act. So, he moved to London. At first, he didn’t have many roles available to him. His was cast in his first play at the age of 27, Coriolanus then earned a place in other plays and films in London and Los Angeles, California, such as Trainspotting, Dracula 2000, Dear Frankie and Phantom of the opera.

Dracula 2000 would be his breakthrough role. He played the lead character, Dracula. After this, he was invited to appear in many other roles, including Rein of Fire, Timeline, 300 and How to Train Your Dragon.

How to Dress Like Gerard Butler

The first thing you notice about Gerard Butler when you meet him is that his style is more than just his clothes, though they are equally important. He’s tall, dark and handsome, which any man would kill to be. But he also smells amazing and has flawless skin. Then come the clothes. Whether he’s wearing a formal suit or his workout clothes, every piece seems like it was made for his body.

How does he achieve this? Here are a few tips on how you can steal his style.

  • Take Care of Your Hair- It’s not often you see Gerard without his perfectly rugged beard, though the occasional part does call for him to shave it off. On a normal day, he gets up, trains at the gym, then jumps in the shower where he washes his hair. Then he applies product to his hair so he can control is better and reduce frizz.
  • Take Care of Your Skin- Gerard lives in Los Angeles and Malibu currently, so making sure his skin is conditioned and protected against the sun is essential. Each day he applies a face cream and then applies sunblock to keep his skin beautifully moisturised while also protected.

What about clothing? If you want to look like Gerard Butler, here are some of his favourite clothing options.

  • Suits: While a black tux is essential for the charity events Butler is known for being a part of, his favourite men’s suits come in blue, brown or pinstripe. He’d much rather show off his style in these suits when given the chance, though he isn’t one to break the rules of style.
  • Jackets: You’ll often see him in relaxed overcoats, wax casual jackets and leather jackets. You may also see the occasional men’s tweed jacket when he’s out and about at home (Scotland) or on a movie set. Any jacket he chooses satisfies three purposes: a great look, warmth and comfort. If one of these purposes is not met, he’s going to end up choosing a different jacket.
  • Shirts: Look for shirts that have a classic tailored fit.
  • Bottoms: He may reside in Los Angeles, but he will always be a British man. For this reason, you often see him wearing chinos as his choice of bottoms.
  • Shoes: Gerard Butler loves his trainers, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t wear the occasional oxford or Chelsea boots when the occasional calls for it. He knows how to dress for the occasion, which is an important part of stealing his style.

In interviews, he points out some areas of his style that he isn’t satisfied with as yet. The first is his smile. He says that he needs to smile more, as his rough and tumble face often comes across looking as if he’s frowning even when he’s just relaxed.

As the previous face of the Hugo Boss fragrance, Gerard also knows a thing or two about making sure you smell good. To him, success is more than just a great career, it’s also his style and the rest of his life. That includes his fragrance. He knows that people are much more likely to approach him and feel comfortable doing so if his scent is something pleasant, masculine and sexy.

Are you interested emulating the style of Gerard Butler? Doing so means focusing on every aspect of your style routine, from taking care of your skin in the morning, keeping your body healthy and moisturizing your hair to dressing in a stylish, yet practical way. This includes wearing men’s suits for important events and overcoats or tweed jackets to keep you warm on chilly days during the fall, winter or spring. With just a little bit of practice, you can dress just like Gerard Butler.

By Brook Taverner