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Steal His Style: Idris Elba

Whether you know him as the rapper with the suave dance moves in the music video for ‘Confidential’ or as the tough crime boss on HBO’s The Wire, you know there’s something special about Idris Elba. Maybe it’s the way he smiles with his eyes when he’s on the red carpet or the tough personas he plays on TV. Maybe it’s the way he handles his style with class and a bit of flair.

Whatever it is, this actor and rapper is envied by men all over the world for his confidence, his style and his good looks.

What about you? Do you consider Elba as one of your style role models? You aren’t alone. This famous actor has a lot to teach us about what we’re wearing and how we wear it.


Idris Elba: A Background

Born Idrissa Akuna Elba, this well-known actor came into the world on September 6, 1972. He was born in East London, in the Hackney section. Throughout his early years his confidence in becoming an actor showed. He went through training programmemes to develop his skills, including some offered by the National Youth Music Theatre. After completing the programmemes, he balanced his life and career between working with his dad in a car factor and appearing on several British programmemes. After a bit, he decided to go to America, where he pursued his dream while DJing and working as a doorman in New York and New Jersey.

His first break came when he landed the role of Stringer Bell, a crime boss on The Wire. He then began his big-screen career, with roles in Daddy’s Little Girls, 28 Weeks Later, Obsession, Thor and Prometheus. He is currently working on a few films, including Star Trek Beyond and Bastille Day.

In addition to his work, Idris has had an interesting personal life. He’s been married two times. His first wife was Hanne Norgaard and his second wife was Sonia Nicole. His first child, Insan, was born during his first marriage, while his second marriage lasted only a day. He had another child later, a boy named Winston with his girlfriend Naiyana Garth in 2014.


What Idris Elba Knows About Style

As one of the coolest men in Hollywood, Idris has to know how to dress, and dress well. He’s not one to show up in a tweed jacket with a wrinkled dress shirt underneath. But what exactly can we learn from how he presents himself? Here are a few secrets to stealing his style.

  • Stop Overthinking it- It’s good to know how to incorporate colour and various patterns into your ensemble, but it’s also important to understand when you should avoid it. In the case of formal wear, the fewer colours and patterns, the better. Choose a crisp white dress shirt, a black bowtie and a dark black, fitted men’s suit if you really want to look your best.


  • Break the Rules With Confidence- If you’re going to break the style commandments, make sure you have the confidence to pull it off. Not every man can combine multiple patterns together in an ensemble or wear black on black on black, but the truly confident can. They key to doing it is more than attitude, it’s also ensuring that every wardrobe option you choose is of the highest quality and cut.


  • Stick to Your Body Shape- Elba is a muscular, tall man, and finding the right suits, tweed jackets and even knitwear means fitting those items of clothing to his unique body shape. The same goes for you. When choosing your wardrobe, don’t be fooled into buying something that’s too tight or too big. This can make you look sloppy and anything but fashionable.


  • Consider Your Trainers Carefully- Just a few years ago, the idea of wearing trainers with suits was something that resulted in audible gasps from style experts. Now it’s seen as a fun and trendy style option for both high-end and street attire. If you decide to wear trainers with your suits, however, you need to be careful about how you do it. The best option is to choose trainers made of black leather. Avoid any extras that could make the shoes appear fussy as well.


  • Keep the Past in the Past- While a style icon now, Idris hasn’t always been the man to watch on the red carpet. He’s made some mistakes. There’s no doubt you have too. That’s doesn’t mean you should let those mistakes dictate your future. Learn from them, but don’t stop trying to evolve your style into something wonderful simply because you regret an outfit you choose ten years ago- or even last week. Be confident as you move forward and select new men’s tweed jackets and men’s suits to wear.


  • Find a Casual Jacket- Some celebrities fall apart when they don’t have a stylist helping them dress to the nines in a three-piece suit. Idris knows how to handle his own wardrobe, however, especially when it comes to casual clothing. While you may think that men’s suits are the only way you can look as stylish as you want to, the right tweed jacket, pair of chinos and button-down shirt can mean the world as well. The secret is choosing clothing that versatile, timeless and fits you well.


  • Create a Bold Statement- Overcoats are typical parts of your wardrobe. They keep you warm on cool spring nights and dry when it rains. While you may already have a navy, grey or black overcoat hanging among your suits, consider taking a bolder step. Choosing a colourful overcoat can set you apart from the crowd. Keep in mind that a bright coat will dictate the rest of your ensemble as well. Tone down the colours and patterns you choose for your men’s suits if you’re pairing it with a loud jacket.


Does Idris Elba’s style intrigue you? There’s a lot you can learn from watching this actor when it comes to choosing the best types of clothing for your body and finding the right way to wear them. Improve your personal style using the tips above.

By Brook Taverner 21 March 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments