Steal his Style: Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven is the type of actor that is attracted to roles that are stylish. After portraying the inimitable Ari Gold on TV's Entourage for seven years, and then recently playing the title role on Mr. Selfridge, Piven has shown that he excels at portraying brash, well suited men.

Whether you want to steal the style of Jeremy Piven or his character Ari Gold, we have the tips you need to do it all. First, though, let's learn a little more about this hit American actor and discover why his acting and his style has become a hit all around the world.

Jeremy Piven: Personal Life

Piven was born on July 26, 1965 as Jeremy Samuel Piven in Manhattan, New York City. He grew up, however, in a suburb north of Chicago, Illinois called Evanston. From a young age, he enjoyed acting, attending Harand Theatre Camp in Wisconsin when he was a teenager and staring as Bernardo in West Side Story. Later, he attended Piven Theatre Workshop, a workshop that was founded by his parents, Byrne and Joyce.

After graduating from school, he attended Drake University in Iowa, where he studied and earned a theatre degree. He went on to the National Theatre Institute in Connecticut, but only spent one semester there.

Jeremy Piven: Career

Piven has had many acting roles in the past, but his first important one came in 1992, when was cast on The Larry Sanders Show as a head writer names Jerry. After that, he went onto appear in a number of successful films, including Old School, Black Hawk Down, Runaway Jury, The Family Man, Heat, and Smokin' Aces.

It was in 2004, though, that his success really took off when he began to play the role of Ari Gold on the HBO series Entourage. Mr. Gold was a fast-talking, sometimes brash, Hollywood agent on the series. His role earned him four best supporting actor Emmy nominations from 2005 to 2008, and he won the award three of those years. Entourage was a hit in the United States, and when ITV made its first acquisition from HBO, Entourage made a splash, with 168,000 UK viewers watching the first episode in 2006.

Jeremy Piven: Stealing His Style

Stealing the style of Jeremy Piven can turn your look into something truly extraordinary. Here's what you need to know.


Be Confident:

While it's easy to typecast (and also unfair) an actor to a role, Piven's personal style is nothing like that of Ari Gold or any of the characters he depicts. Mr. Gold, for instance, has a style that fits his status. This means closets full of power suits, detailed by perfected pocket square and imposing Windsor knots, all supported by exquisite fit and tailoring.

That isn't what makes Ari truly appealing or makes you listen to what he has to say. That is Piven brings to the table: confidence. Jeremy Piven knows how to appear to have rock solid confidence, even when playing a television character. This trait, not just his clothing, is what makes him truly stylish.


Stand Out:

One of the truly remarkable things about Jeremy Piven's style is how every item of clothing he choose makes him stand out. Whether he's casually going about town in a tweed jacket and trousers or wearing a suit to a charity dinner, you can't help but notice him. Take for instance, the inaugural London Gala Dinner for the Novak Djokovic Foundation. While many men might have chosen a subtle black suit and tie, Piven took his formal wear to another level. He arrived in a green-hued suit with a light blue shirt and pocket square. His ensemble was artfully completed with a pair of double monks, half undone.

At Wimbledon, he provided yet another memorable style moment, wearing a pale blue-grey men's suit combined with a patterned pocket square and a criss-cross pattern grey tie. This ensemble not only made him stand out as a style icon, but epitomised the season and the occasion.


Be Smart:

Piven's smart-casual wardrobe is what some might define as sensational. His look seems effortless, but works well for daytime events and night-time affairs. His secret? Be smart. As with his Wimbeldon ensemble, Piven doesn't just consider what he wants to wear, but where and when he's wearing it.

Recreating this kind of style is easy. First, consider the season in which the even occurs. During autumn and winter, build your ensemble on darker shades, like blacks, navy blues, and browns. Don't stop there, though. Darker hues of your favourite colours can also be used during these months, like burgundy and forest green. The same line of thinking can be used during the spring and summer months, where lighter, fun colours are appropriate.

Next, consider the event you're attending. The criss-cross pattern of Piven's tie at Wimbledon was a sartorial triumph because it complimented the event that was taking place without being too outlandish.


The Devil is the Details:

Whether you're copying Ari Gold's style or Jeremy Piven's, the result is the same: the devil is in the details. Add some panache with a patterned pocket square tucked into your men's tweed jacket. Choose the colour of tie you wear with your men's suits carefully as well; the colour you choose will determine whether or not your ensemble stands out from the crowd. If you need your suit to stand out in the office, for instance, a dark red tie will make a powerful statement.

Don't forget the smallest of details, either, like the dimple in your Windsor knot, a wrinkle free pocket square, and leaving the bottom button of your suit or tweed jacket undone.

While style wasn't always something Piven was interested in, he's quickly become a style icon over the past year or two. His years of portraying characters like Ari Gold and Mr. Selfridge have taught him how powerful well-fitting suits can be, but his own personal style has allowed him to pull together some of the most sensational smart-casual looks his fans have seen.

Do you want to steal his style? Use these tips to dress like this style icon.

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