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Steal his Style: Johannes Huebl

In the world of fashion, Johannes Huebl is has become a household name. While he is best known for being the other half of the stylish 'it' couple that includes his wife Olivia Palermo, an American socialite, fashion blogger, and style maven, he is actually an extremely successful shoe designer, photographer, and model.

While Huebl may have to show off the latest trends as part of his occupation, when it comes to his personal style, he has a refined and timeless approach to choosing the clothing in his wardrobe. And he does choose the clothing himself. Unlike others in his field, he refuses to use a stylist to help him stay on the best dressed list. Because of this, he knows his way around a wardrobe better than many of his contemporaries.

Want to dress like Johannes Huebl? Here's what you need to know.

Dress Like Johannes Huebl

When Johannes Huebl puts together an outfit, you know it's going to be stylish. But how exactly does he do it? Let's discuss his key looks and how you can use them in your wardrobe.

They Way he Wears his Suits

At the heart of Huebel's style is a strong penchant for making every ensemble he puts together look different in a completely unique way. No matter how many times the paparazzi catch him out in a suit, he always manages to make his look appear modern and fresh. Sometimes it's as simple as deviating from traditional colour choices or giving his tie the day off.

How should you take your lead from this fashion icon? Begin by adding different coloured suits to your wardrobe. At Brook Taverner, we offer this option in one convenient place: the Esher Mens Suit. This machine-washable suit comes in four different colours: sage, ice, caramel, and beige. Adding these suits to your ensemble will not only breath fresh life into your collection but will do so in a refined and considered way, which is the definition of classic with a twist.

Another favourite style option Huebl uses is going tie-less. While leaving off the tie may seem like a small alteration in the long run, it can and does make a big difference when it comes to the traditionally smart aesthetic. How? It automatically reduces the formality of the suit, and when it is combined with a beautifully cut suit and shirt, it transforms the entire ensemble into never-sloppy, laid-back chic. By removing the tie, you can create the perfect look for smart-casual occasions or a business-casual dress code.

Once the tie is gone, Huebl can make his ensemble look even edgier by avoiding buttoning up his shirt all the way to the top. This is especially effective when used with a dark suit; it is still effective with a light-coloured suit, but will look more relaxed and 'ready for summer.' If you want to try this look, always remember to never leave more than the top two buttons of your shirt undone. Showing off too much skin is never stylish.

Stylish Separates

Want to dress like Johannes Huebl? Don't be restrictive when it comes to your suit jackets and trousers. If you only ever wear your men's suits jackets with their appropriate, matching trousers, you're missing out on the full power of your wardrobe.

Separating and mixing suits and suit trousers is a long-standing tradition in menswear, and one that Huebl takes advantage of regularly. He's not one to play it safe with classic grey jackets and navy trousers, though. His approach is much bolder, mixing timeless shades with striking colours and patterns that contrast and make him stand out.

The key to doing this lies completely in the fit of the suits. The suits you're mixing and matching should have the same cut. If you were, for instance, to pair wide-legged trousers with a skinny jacket, the result would look odd and out of place.

You don't have to limit yourself to mixing and matching parts of your suits, either. You can do the same thing with a men's tweed jacket, your favourite pair of chinos, or a blazer. As long as the cuts are similar and the colours are on point, you can create as many combinations as you want.


On almost a daily basis, Huebl proves again and again that dressing doesn't mean you have to look sloppy. In fact, he knows how to create a smart-casual outfit better than many other fashion icons these days. His secret? Classic pieces that have a refined edge and fit well. For his tops, he creates the ideal look with shirts and knitwear, combining them with a sharply cut coat or tweed jacket.

He doesn't neglect the bottom half of his ensemble, though. The right pair of slim fit chinos combined with a brogue or loafer can create an optimum balance between formal and causal, making an outfit perfect for attending a summer event or simply running errands.

Statement Trousers

Speaking of not neglecting the bottom half of your ensemble, take a note from Huebl when it comes to choosing trousers for your smart-casual ensembles. While many men these days play it safe by wearing neutral colours, Huebl isn't afraid to mix it up with bold garments that help to show off his individual personality and style.

To dress like Huebl, take a braver and bolder approach to your trousers and make a statement. Choose brighter colours and different patterns than you normally would use. Done correctly, statement trousers can offer a modern, yet sophisticated and timeless look. Not sure where to begin? Check out these seasonal coloured trousers and chinos from Brook Taverner and start making a change in your wardrobe today.

Want to dress like Johannes Huebl? Take a page from this model's style by mixing up your wardrobe, using bold statement pieces, and always focusing on the fit of your clothing. With just a few changes, you can steal a bit of his style and create a new look that is completely your own.

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