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Men Style Icons: How to Dress Like Luke Evans?

While there may be no man in town as admired as Gaston, the Welsh actor that plays him in the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is nothing to sneeze at. Luke Evans, born in Pontypool and raised in Aberbargoed, has come a long way since his birth on 15, April 1979. While his career started slow, with fringe shows and West End productions, at the age of thirty, he landed his first film role, and the rest has been history.

Today, everyone knows his name and sings his praises. It isn’t just his acting ability that has us enthralled, either. Men and women alike admire his suave appearance and sartorial prowess. In fact, he was named one of the 50 Best Dressed Men in Britain 2015 by GQ.

So, what do you have to learn from this up-and-coming star? Here’s a little more about the man and what he has to offer.

Early Life

Evans was raised in Rhymney Valley, Wales and was an only child to parents David and Yvonne Evans. Though brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness, he left the religion and school when was 16. At 17, he moved to Cardiff, where he found a singing coach, Louise Ryan. In 1997, he received a scholarship to the London Studio Centre, where he studied until graduating in 2000.

The first eight years of his career involved several shows and plays throughout London. He participated in productions like Miss Saigon, Rent, La Cava, Rent and Avenue Q. He also played roles in many fringe shows at the Edinburgh Festival and in London.

One of his most significant theatre roles occurred in 2008, when he played the role of Vincent in a play called Small Change. He was nominated for an Evening Standard Award for his role in the play, gaining him recognition from US talent agencies and film casting directors.

Film Career

His career really took off in 2009, when he auditioned, at age thirty, for his first film. He played the role of the Greek god Apollo in the remake of Clash of the Titans. He then went on to play other major roles, including the thug in Robin Hood, Aramis in The Three Musketeers and Zeus in Immortals.

By 2011, he was a household name, and it wasn’t surprising that was chosen for a major role in the three-part movie series The Hobbit. His roles continued with movies like Furious 6, Furious 7, Dracula Untold, High-Rise and Beauty and the Beast. In 2017, he began filming two films, Professor Marston & The Wonder Women and 10x10.

Luke Evans Style

Luke Evans is more than just a pretty face and awesome talent. He also know how to dress in such a way that he always appears stylish and sharp. Over the years, he’s given a few interviews to various magazines and online portals, describing his aptitude for style, how he chooses his clothing and what he chooses in bits and pieces. We’ve scoured for this information and have a few details here you aren’t going to want to miss if you want to steal Luke Evans’ style.

Cut is Important

According to Evans, the most important thing he looks at when choosing one of his many suits for the red carpet is the cut, or fit, of the suit. The cut is composed of two elements: your proportions and the silhouette of the suit. Sometimes this isn’t always a given when you purchase a suit. While the cut may be flattering, it can always be improved with the help of a tailor. A good tailor will adjust the suit’s cut so that it shows off your strengths and hides your weaknesses.

Wear a Watch

If you pay attention to Evans’ style, you’ll notice that he always wears a watch when he has on men’s suits. It isn’t about telling time; in fact, he told a story once about a friend who was wearing a watch, but when asked what time it was, reached into his pocket for his phone. Watches these days may be overlooked when it comes to telling time, but they can still act as a beautiful accessory for a suit or a tweed jacket.

Don’t Follow Trends

If there’s one thing that Luke Evans has learned from being in the spotlight for the last decade is that classic and simple is always better. If you have a tweed jacket, a few nice dress shirts, a couple pairs of chinos and nice denim jeans and a suit or two in your wardrobe, you’ll be fine. Don’t spend your time chasing down trending clothing that may or may not be in style tomorrow. Instead, focus on versatile pieces and additional choices that you like and that suit your personal style.

Speaking of Trends and Fit

Start with the shoulders when it comes to your suit jacket or men’s tweed jacket. Get this right and the rest will follow. While today’s men tend to lean toward the trend of slouchier suits, a strong shoulder and jacket will provide a better look that others will remember.

Experiment With Texture

Black on black on black is a look that most people can’t pull off. When you wear the same colour with every item of clothing you have on, it tends to create a ‘black hole effect’ that sucks a viewer’s eyes in and doesn’t let them appreciate the outfit in the slightest. Luke, ever one to live on the edge, tried this on the red carpet and actually looked incredible. His secret was using different types of fabrics and textures with each clothing item. Combining a velvet jacket with a cotton shirt and a pair of denim jeans works, even when they are all the same colour, simply because the textures break up the look.


Are you interested in dressing more like Luke Evans? Take a page out of his style book by avoiding trends, concentrating on the right cut for your suits and experimenting with texture and colour when putting together your ensembles.

By Brook Taverner 19 April 2017