Steal His Style: Paul Bettany

Born in May of 1971, Paul Bettany didn’t become a household name until 2000 when he landed the leading role in Gangster No. 1. Since, then however, he’s become an icon, both in regards to movies and style. If you’ve seen him on the red carpet and at his many film premieres, you know his personal tastes in style are cool and one-of-a-kind. Want to dress more like him? Here is a bit of information about the leading actor and a few tips on how to get his style.


Paul Bettany: Early Life

Bettany was born in Shepherd’s Bush, London and is the son of Thane, an actor, drama teacher and stage manager and Anne, a theatre teacher, stage manager and singer. During his early years, his father worked as a teacher at boarding school in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. At this time, the family lived on the campus.

Bettany had a younger brother named Matthew. When Paul was 16, however, Matthew fell off a tennis pavilion roof onto concrete and died. It wasn’t long after this that Bettany decided to leave home and begin working in London as a street performer, playing his guitar. Three years later, he enrolled in the Drama Centre of London.



Paul’s stage debut occurred when he performed at the Aldwych Theatre in An Inspector Calls. He later appeared on stage for other productions like Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet and Richard III. It wasn’t until 2000 when he got his first big break in Gangster No. 1. He was nominated for British Newcomer of the Year for his performance and nominated for Best Actor.

Soon after came Bettany’s first Hollywood production: A Knight’s Tale. The director, Brian Helgeland wrote a role specifically for Bettany, as he was so impressed with his audition tape. Helgeland was so impressed by the performance Paul gave, he showed the tape to other directors and big names in Hollywood. Ron Howard saw the talent Bettany had and provided him with a part in A Beautiful Mind.

After this, Bettany found roles in other feature films, including Dogville, The Reckoning, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, The Da Vinci Code, Firewall and Wimbledon. Most recently, Bettany played the Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron. His role as the Vision in the next Captain America film, Captain America: Civil War.


Personal Life

Paul met his wife, Jennifer Connelly when they both stared together in A Beautiful Mind. On January 1, 2003 the two were married in Scotland. Soon after they moved to New York with Jennifer’s son Kai. The two have had a son together named Stellan and a daughter named Agnes.


Steal His Style: Paul Bettany

The many clothing choices of Paul Bettany may have your head spinning. If you want to steal his style, let’s break things down a little by taking a look at his ensemble at the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron in London.


The Suit

When it comes to choosing a suit, be smart about the type you choose to wear. Consider, for instance, the windowpane-check three piece Paul chose to wear to the premiere. The suit was affordable- but more importantly, it was comfortable. Made from a linen, wool and silk blend, this men’s suit was breathable, yet stylish.

What should you take away from this? When selecting men’s suits, pay close attention to how it is made. The type of fabric the suit is made of can greatly affect how well it breathes and how it feels against your skin. If you’re attending a film premiere like Bettany, you’ll want something comfortable to wear that won’t make you sweat. However, if you’re going out on the town a cool winter night, a warmer suit is in order.


The Tie

His suit was patterned. His tie was patterned. But it didn’t look bad. In fact, it looked brilliant. So how did he do it? He chose a tie with a wide enough pattern that it didn’t blend in with the pattern of the suit fabric. Instead, it popped. At the same time, the patterns were similar enough that they looked appropriate together.


The Shirt

Because he used several types of plaid in his ensemble, his choice of was rather plain. However, sometimes this is the best option. The rule of patterns is always stick with one, two or three, and sometimes three patterns in one ensemble is simply too much. Paul recognised this and chose a better option: a plain white dress shirt.


The Shoes

Your shoes may not be the first thing others see when they look at you, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. In fact, they act as an anchor to the ensemble. Bettany chose a pair of mahogany brogues to match his light suit. What sets these shoes apart, however, isn’t their colour or style: it’s the way they are cared for.

Dress shoes can last for quite some time and make your men’s suits and tweed jackets pop, but only if taken care of correctly. Bettany’s shoes were immaculately polished, and yours should be too. Scrapes and scuffs tell others you don’t have pride in the way you look and can put a damper on first impressions.


The Fit

Of course, Bettany isn’t dressed to the nines on a daily basis. Sometimes he likes to simply relax or go to the gym with his loving wife, Jennifer. Even when in casual dress, Paul knows exactly what to wear to look his best. He does this by choosing articles of clothing that fit well and show off his physical assets. You can do the same thing by ensuring your tweed jackets and suits fit your body type well. If they don’t, have them professionally tailored so you always look brilliant.

Love Paul Bettany’s look? Steal his style as your own. Think carefully about every article of clothing you choose to wear and decide if it is going to make you look your best, keep you comfortable and look appropriate with other clothing options you’ve chosen.

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