Men Style Icons: How to Dress Like Paul McCartney?







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Men Style Icons: How to Dress Like Paul McCartney?

Sir Paul McCartney started life the same way we all do- innocent and full of possibilities. He was born in Liverpool in 1942 to his parents Jim and Mary. At a young age, he lost his mother to breast cancer. His musician father took care of him after that, helping his excel academically and soon buying him his first guitar.

That guitar soon led him to join a band called the Quarry Men in 1957, where he would meet fellow singer John Lennon. Eventually the band morphed into The Beatles, and the four members took over Europe and the world with their smash hits and record-breaking sales.

In 1971, The Beatles disbanded, but that didn’t mean Paul McCartney was ready to retire. Instead, he went solo and achieved success on his own with the help of his new wife, Linda Eastman.

Paul McCartney: His Style

While a lot of years have passed since Paul McCartney has been called a heartthrob, he never seems to lose that aura of youthfulness and excitement. This shows in his style, which reflects his attitude and his values in a cool and effortless way.

Want to steal his style secrets that still give him a confident, youthful quality?

  • Always choose clothing that is cruelty-free. For two decades, Paul and his late wife Linda have been active members of PETA. You’ll never catch McCartney wearing leather or fur.
  • Wear a blazer, sports jacket, or tweed jacket over anything. Whether they are worn over a crisp white dress shirt and tie or thrown over an iconic t-shirt, they are essential to McCartney’s wardrobe. He especially enjoys blazers and men’s tweed jackets in darker colours, like grey, navy, and black.
  • Create layers with your look. Paul will often be seen wearing two or three layers of clothing. He might wear a dress shirt under a men’s suit jacket, a t-shirt under a v-neck cardigan, or a blazer with a dress shirt and t-shirt.
  • Go for a no-fuss look with your hair. Over the years, the hair styles Paul has chosen haven’t varied that much. However, while his signature style may be “shaggy,” it always looks fabulous and stylish.
  • Try sneaks with your suits. Not many men can pull off wearing men’s suits and sneakers, but Paul can. He’s often seen combining his suits and Converse sneakers, giving his look a much more casual feel.
  • Keep things simple. There are very few occasions where you’ll see Paul dressed to the nines, save for the occasional concert or reminiscent photo of The Beatles. Why? Because these days Paul is much more concerned with his music and helping the world through animal right activism than arriving in a tux. His simple style, even when it comes to wearing men’s tweed jackets and suits, shows that he can look good without being caught up in what the public thinks of him or his image.

Want to dress like Paul McCartney? Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Find your own style and make it work for you.

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