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Steal His Style: Reggie Yates

It isn’t typical that a children’s television presenter turns into one of today’s most fashionable style icons, but that’s exactly what Reggie Yates has done. What started out as a Saturday morning TV career has become a life filled with prime time TV, catwalk shows, and appearances on GQ’s ‘Most Stylish Men of the Week’ in only a few short years.

While many of us remember Reggie Yates working alongside Fearne Cotton on Saturday mornings, he has since become the most influential DJ on Radio 1. And most importantly, he does it all in style.

Reggie Yates: Stealing his Style

So, what makes Mr. Yates a style icon? It could be his clever use of colour or his brilliant grasp of modern tailoring. Or, it could be that he is always willing to up his game for any occasion. If you want to get his look, here’s what you need to know.

  • Consider Colours and Patterns- When it comes to evening wear, Yates has his style down pat. He often prefers neutral, monotone colours that offer a simple and elegant look. However, he makes them pop by adding a splash of colour in the mix or a unique pattern.


  • Slim Cut Tailoring- Mr. Yates knows what he likes, and he knows how to use tailoring to achieve the personal style he wants. His style is usually pulled together with slim cut men’s suits that have been tailored to fit his body well. This gives him a formal, but relaxed appearance that mixed classic styles with contemporary.


  • Avoid Trends- As a style icon, Yates knows that trends come and they go, so he stays as far away from them as possible. Instead, he chooses unique items for his wardrobe that speak to his own personal style.


  • Keep it Simple- In order to achieve a formal look with a laid back style, Reggie keeps things incredibly simple. His closet is full of a wide range of men’s suits, tweed jackets, dress shirts, knitwear, and trousers, all of which can easily be mixed and matched to create a new, unique look in a matter of seconds. In addition, he also ensures there are plenty of items in his closet that make a statement. By adding one or two pieces to a monotone outfit, he can turn heads.


  • Respect the Occasion- As stated above, Reggie is more than willing to go above and beyond to dress for the occasion, and he does this simply by mixing and matching trousers, suits, and men’s tweed jackets to match and respect the tone of the event he is attending.


  • The Mature Look- Even when he’s just going out for a night with his friends, Reggie doesn’t skimp on style. He keeps it smart-casual with white fitted tees, chinos, relaxed blazers, or comfortable men’s tweed jackets. Doing so allows this young man to look mature and confident wherever he goes.


Love Reggie Yates’ look? You can have it to with the right colour combinations, patterns, and personal touch. Take a look at your men’s suits, tweed jackets, shirts, and ties. What combinations could you put together to create a classic and contemporary appearance?

By Brook Taverner 31 March 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments